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Monday, January 31, 2005

‘Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right’

Hi gang sure hope every one had a good Monday. Sort of dreary here, cold and rain. Tomorrow is a ditto of today. I don’t have a lot to say. I am in the dog- house again!
I am getting good at finding my way there as of late. I want give you blow by blow accounting it would bore you to death. I put my foot in my mouth again! She said something I didn’t like, so I said something back. That was the wrong answer. I just can’t learn to keep my mouth shut. I am not going to happy with the out come, so why bother!

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THE DACHSHUND!Bush and Osama decided to settle the war once and for all. They sat down and decided to settle the whole dispute with one dogfight. They would have 5 years to breed the best fighting dog in the world and whichever side's dogwon would be entitled to dominate the world.Osama found the biggest, meanest Doberman and Rottweiler female dogs in the world and bred them with the meanest Siberian wolves. They selected only the biggest and strongest puppy from the litter, and removed his siblings, which gave him all the milk. After 5 years, they came up with the biggest, meanest dog the world had ever seen. Its cage needed steel bars that were 5 “! Thick and nobody could get near it.When the day came for the dogfight, Bush showed up with a strange lookinganimal. It was a 9 foot long Dachshund. Everyone felt sorry for Bush because there was no way that this dog could possibly last 10 seconds with the Afghanistani dog.When the cages were opened up, the Dachshund came out of it's cage, andslowly waddled over towards Osama's dog.Osama's dog snarled and leaped out of its cage and charged the AmericanDachshund---but when it got close enough to bite, the Dachshund opened itsmouth and consumed Osama's dog in one bite.There was nothing left of his dog at all.Osama came up to Bush, shaking his head in disbelief,"We don't understand how this could have happened. We had our best people working for 5 years with the meanest Doberman and Rottweilerer female dogs in the world and the biggest, meanest Siberian wolves.""That's nothing,” said Bush."We had Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeons working for 5 years to makethat alligator look like a wiener dog."

Thought for the day, I looked out the window today at the bare trees and could séance the awaking of the sap in the roots. My Maple trees are getting buds already!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Hi gang Friday is closing fast. I hope all of you made your planes for the weekend. It looks like boa weather here cold and rain. May get some sunshine Sunday. I love the worm days but it sure hurts when it gets cold again.

Please read top to bottom to make sence out of this!!!

I bumped into a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while. He moved father out into the country. Build a nice home and has a nice size farm. He moved to start his on business as a chicken farmer. The last I had heard he was doing well and has expanded building one of the largest chicken farms in our area. Jim didn’t look well and had deep blue circles under his eyes.

Jim, I asked are you all right, you seam to have a problem? Oh, I have some pretty bad problems at the farm and it is taken its tool on me he said. Jim is married to a beautiful young girl much younger than he so the first thing I thought of was a marital problem. The age difference catching up to him but he assured me there was no family problem. So I said for gosh sakes Jim what is wrong!

Jim proceeds to tell me his chickens had quit lying and were dieing off! He said it started slow and got worse every week. Business is so bad now I am about to loose the farm! Well Jim get some one out there to find out what’s going on! Jim said I did that; I have some of the best experts out and found nothing. Doesn’t look good. I am out today looking for a job he told me.

Now hold on Jim, my granpa taught me all there is to know about chicken farming. I just don’t get evolved any more. I have all our business leased out and let them take care of their problems. Would you mind if I come out and noise around. Jim said he didn’t mind but had no way of paying me for me service. Jim, I said we have been friends for a long time. I couldn’t charge you anything. I just wish you had said something before things got so bad.

It was mid morning and Jim had some running around to do so I drove out to his farm and started looking around. Granpa always said son, there is a reason for every thing you just have to be at the right place at the right time. Jim’s farm was every thing I had heard it was. Beautiful, I really like the place.

I started checking the food supply and water supply. Every thing looked good, place was clean but something was wrong and I could feel it! The chickens were moping around hardly any noise. Then I heard a commotion at the other end of the chicken house and rushed to see what it was and there stood Judy, Jim’s young wife. She was a sight; clad in short white shorts and a see through t-shirt.

She was startled at first but recognized me and said what you doing out this way. She was standing there holding a chicken by the neck! I told her that I came out to find out what was wrong with the chickens. She said lots of luck! I am getting to the point I am afraid to eat them. With that she swung the chicken around and popped its head off. Blood went everywhere, and the chicken danced around till the blood quit spurting out. She picked the bird up and started out the door, see you latter, Jim is not home. I told her I knew and that I had seen him in town.

It wasn’t to long after that Jim came home and I meet him in the drive- way. What do you think Jim, asked? There is something wrong all right. Yea tell me about it he said. How long has it been like this Jim, he told me as near as he could tell it started back in the summer after they had a big BBQ.

Were there a lot of kids here for the BBQ? Yes he said but there were no problems. I asked if they had been around the chicken houses and he said he didn’t think so. Has any thing unusual happened, no he said? The only things I can remember is Judy gave up being a vegetarian and eat ribs for the first time in years. She pigged out! Ok let me think about what I have seen today and I will drop back tomorrow about the same time.

I left Jim standing in the drive as I drove off. I hardly eat supper that night thinking about all I had seen not wanting to over look anything. I thought about all my granpa had taught me. I was restless all night and was sure I was missing something!

About mid day I drove back out to Jim’s and started looking around. Jim joined me shortly and we looked around together. We were standing at he end of one of the chicken house not far fro Jim driveway and saw Judy heading toward the house with a chicken dangling. She was a sight; I tried not to stare in front of Jim. I said Judy could have been a model Jim. He laughed and said I no. I am one lucky man to bag that Gail. I just hope she doesn’t gain too much weight the way she is eating.

I smiled and said would it be all right if I come back out tonight and check the chicken houses? Ok by me, what time do you want me to meet you. I told him I had rather be alone if he didn’t mind. That’s fine, we’re up late if I can be of any help. I assured him I would be fine.

I drove back to Jim’s around 10:00pm and parked just inside the gate and walked up trying my best not to make any noise. The lights were still on at the house and all was quite at the chicken houses. I found me a spot were I could see the House and all the chicken houses and sat down to watch.

My granpa was a wise old dude he knew more abut farming and farm life than most of the experts! He had done it all at one time or another. Crops cattle, pigs, goats, chickens, and even emus at one time, course that’s another story. Talking to Jim earlier it hit me like a flash! I remembered something granpa had told me once about chickens. I smiled and said I hope what I am thinking is true for Jim’s sake. He has a nice place here.

It was a cool night but not cold. I had a sweater on and sat back thinking about old times with granpa and how much he had taught me. People don’t learn like that any more. Now days it’s collages and computers. The old folks are just that old folks. Someone to honk at on the road or blame all the goverment spending problems on. What could you possibly learn from them! I heard some dogs barking in the distance and looked up at the house just as the lights went out.

All was quite far a little longer then I heard it! Low at first then a little louder. I didn’t move a muscle and strained to here all I could. Chickens talk to each other my granpa use to say. Son you have to walk there walk and talk their talk. The noise grew staidly; they were talking to each other. I had to get closer so I could try to understand what they were saying. If I made any noise it would be over I would learn nothing!

I made it to a point I could hear clearly what was said! I was right granpa you know it all. I had my camera with me and took a shoot. There was plenty of light in the chicken house so I wasn’t worried about a flash. I slipped away and drove home. I had solved Jim’s problem and had proof on my digital camera. I could hardly contain my self till morning to get over to Jim’s!

As I drove out to Jim’s the next morning I thought of all the knowledge granpa had passed on to me and I had better start writing it down before it is lost forever. Pulling in the drive I saw Jim coming out of the house. I pulled in and parked. Jim said good morning, how did it go last night. I smiled and said every thin went fine. I believe we have found the problem. Jim just looked at me in amazement! What, what did you find he asked!

Jim I said, remember us talking and saw Judy walked up to the house as we were talking. Yea but what has that got to do with it. It downed on me what you had said about your BBQ! What he said? Judy started eating meat! Yea but I broke in and asked does she get a chicken to eat every day? Well almost why? She is breaking a cardinal rule of chicken farming. Look at this picture I took last night!
He stared it in disbelive!

Now you no the rest of the story!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, if you have something to say say it!

Friday, January 28, 2005


Hi gang hope every one is ready for the big weekend. Enjoy every moment. I have a problem and I need your help. I wrote a post today about a friend I bomped into that I have not seen in a while. Well the post turned out to be three pages long! What do I do? Post it, post part of it or scrap it? What do you guys do when you get long winded. Come on give me some advice!

Thought for the day, we may get some ice tonight in east Al. I live in the for west and people are going nuts any way. Don't say the words ice or snow. The whole town will panic!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Something Old...

Hi gang hope the day is going good for you. If it were not for Critter Chick I would not have much to say. That and the fact that my puter is running slow is mud today! I have no idea what that is about. I bet every retired person in the world is on line!

Any way Leslie posted something old, something new, borrowed and blue. Take a stab at it. She did it with wonderful pictures. I just sketched what came to mind and ran it through paint.

I have not shared a joke in a while so today is the day...

A young redhead goes into
The doctor's office and says
That her body hurts wherever
She touches it.

"Impossible," says the
Doctor. "Show me."

She takes her finger and
Pushes her elbow and screams
In agony. She pushes her
Knee and screams, pushes her
Ankle and screams.
Everywhere she touches makes
Her scream.

The doctor says, "You're
Not really a redhead, are

"No," she says, "I'm
Actually a blonde."

"I thought so," the doctor
Says. "Your finger is

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, if you feel like you are brain dead, think about that girl you like over at the mantel health institute!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Hi gang we made it to hump day. The weather continues to be a big issue in the east. They have been pounded and more on the way. I keep saying that’s what I like about the south. It may get cold and sometimes messy but it doesn’t last long.

I haven’t been on line so I don’t no what is going on with all of you. I will try to get caught up this morning. I just watched the news about the helicopter crash in I rack 31 killed. Also a big surprise they think they have found another one of Dievenchi workshop! I have read his autobiography, what a great person. Talk about multitalented!

Séance about eight-o’clock last night I have been in a blasé mood from screwing up a painting I was working on for Illustration Friday. I am not an artist I just like to doodle. Anyway with my trimmers it takes me a long time to do anything especially coloring. I had worked five hours on a drawing and had just finished coloring it and of all things; I moved my chair my legs were crossed and I hit the off button on the CPU! I stared at the screen in disbelief! I lost five hours, still can’t believe it.

This too will pass but I have myself worked up and don’t feel worth a three-dollar bill. I was going to play golf today suppose to be 65*f. Just don’t have the enthusiasm to go. Talk about pity pot, I am stuck on it!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, sometimes things happen to teach you something. Even an old dog new Tricks!

Monday, January 24, 2005


Hi gang I bet all of you had a good Monday. I saw it in the moon rings! Would you believe the litter box? Any way I hope all of you did well. I am running late again tonight of all things I had to show up for jury duty this morning. The courthouse was packed. I have never seen that many old people in one place. It looked like a nursing-home convention! I was excused due to my health.

I have not made it around to every one but will try to before I go to bed! Today has flown by. I borrowed a truck and picked up new windows for my room and howled of cans. My daughter and I can pile up a lot of cans quick. I sure need to get off the diet- soda; I drink to many every day.

I got a couple of pictures of the dogs playing out back for you guys to see my babies.

My daughter and her dog Trixe

Buddy(the big one) Lucky and Suggar. Lucky I found on the side of the road as a puppy he had been shot!

Buddy and Ginger playing by the bird feeder.

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, you can always tell the end of things. There just ant no more!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hi gang, I am out of sink again! Hope every one has had a good weekend. I think the talk around the nation is still the weather. Pretty cold here last night and today and windy! You no what the wind does to you. The east is digging out from the Blizzard of 2005.

Last night we went to church and then to our little Mexican restaurant and there was a power outage! So we went to two stake houses full to the brim. Wound up going to IHop! Bad mistake! It took forth-five minutes to get our order! I forgot what I had ordered. Service was bad, bad. This is the third time for and the last, no more IHOP, please!

We gathered at my in-laws for the twins Birth Day. A good crowed of the family showed up. Course they were the main attraction. I took a ton of pictures but will PICK TWO so you want have to sit through all, the who’s and ah’s!

Robert, Josh, Megan and The three little ones mom.

This is my new house guest part time for the next six months!

Thought for the day, by now you have heard another legand died, Johnny Carson.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Twin attack

Hey gang just a short note to let all of you no we have Allison and the twins this week end. Tomorrow is their birth day. It's hard to believe their two years old. I hope every one has a great weekend.

Thought for the day, Keep all in the north east in mind today a bad storm is bearing down on them!

Friday, January 21, 2005

I forgot to post

Hi gang it just dawned on me that I didn't post today! Oh well tomarrow is another day I really didn't have much to say anyway. Hope every one has a good weekend. To help make up for no post click on this for full explanation! Turn up your sound!

Thought for the day, would you beleive the Buick open was called becouse of FOG!

Thursday, January 20, 2005


Hi gang is every body up and atom! Looks like it might be a nice day. We had another hard freeze last night but bright sunshine this morning. I think had better make a back yard clean up today while it is worm. The car needs washing but I don’t think it is going to be that worm!

Jolene is taking off half day to go with Amber for counseling. She is going to try to do something about rearranging her schedule so there want be so much running around. I told her lots of luck but I will be surprised if they do any thing. One thing Amber does not want to stay here. All her friends are twenty-five miles away. Which I thought was good! She already wants another car! I hope they don’t give in to her.

Jo tried to get in touch with Ambers dad where he worked and they told her they have not seen him in over a week! He is a complete jerk! I told her to just forget the guy exists and we will help all we can! I get so angry inside at all these dead beats. The only thing they can think of is the next girl to get PG and the next high! When will the young girls wake up to these loser’s!

Thought for the day, temper and blood pressure just don’t mix!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hi gang Hard to believe it’s hump day already time flies wither your having fun or not! Boo… cold again this morning. I took Megan to school the car got worm just is we pulled up to the school door. She still doesn’t feel good her mother either. Man I hope I don’t catch the stuff all over again. I feel pretty good except Old’ author is nagging at my right arm and shoulder. What’s the old saying use it or loose it!

I have got to pick up Amber and Megan this afternoon. Amber spent the night with her mom. Tomorrow she has her first rehab class required by the parole officer she is assigned to. She has that class for three hours three days a week plus her GED class three days a week. There will be a lot of running around for the next six months! O f course she wants to drive herself. I have already said no way Hose! Not one of my cars!

I finally finished ‘The Stand’ Yahoo!!!! I have gone from one King book to another King book. This time though Cassandra King’s ‘Sunday Wife’. So far it looks pretty good. Reminds me of Kim and Dennis up in Illinois! Same Church, I will keep you posted.

Thought for the day, I read an article today on Cassie-B ice wine in the paper. That stuff is expensive! $40.00 half a bottle!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

One Step Forward and Two back

Hi gang I hope all of you got the week off to a bang. I sure did. I have a new house- guest for the next six months. My baby girl’s daughter she is 16 going on 25! It is much to long of a story to get into, suffice to say she has a problem. She has six months of classes three times a week for probation on a drug possession charge. Plus she is taking GED classes because she quit school.

This past Saturday evening she wrecked her step-dads car. Sounds like a good soap opera doesn’t it well for her sake it’s a good thing blood is thicker than water, where else could she go! Still cold the jet stream is pumping in all the cold weather from up north. 16*f tonight, that’s cold for around here.

Thought for the day, I learned many years ago, you couldn’t run from problems. This too will pass!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Lost Post

Hi gang hope pld monday got off to a good start far you mine exploded! Today is a holiday for many in the states and my wife and Megan are home. As you no I don't like to get on the puter when she is home. I thought she was going shoping but it was geting late so I started making a post in word and she turned on the heater to take a showwer and blew a fuse! Lost the post! To make the story short, I now have a spliting head ach.

She has gone but promised to be back in a couple of hours so I need to get on and get off! Enough stress for one day! I hope every one had a good weekeend. I spent yesterday running grandchildren around. Missed VJs come from behind win and the play offs in football. I don't want to here poor Joe! Actualy it was not a bad day.

Thought for the day, how often have you planed a day and did nothing you had planed?

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Is This Really You

Good morning gang; we have frost this morning the first in a while. I keep thinking spring is just around the coroner don’t think so! What would we fuss about if it were not the weather?

Update Maryouma has lead the Sona open for two days! He may just pull it off. On the course he is such a happy go lucky kind of a guy. Always smiling and plays some good golf.

I read the introduction to a new book this morning “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell. The art of thinking without thinking! Any way it reminded me of my wife and some of my friends that think I am way to gullible bloging.

They say how can you possibly belive the people you don’t know! Bloging is a dream world. A place to vent yourself where you normally would not. You play out your dreams of what could be or what you would like to be.

In most cases the person you think you are talking does not exist! People who think they have a talent to write dive into bloging hoping to sharpen their skills. They lead people around on a make belive merry-go-round!

Some even lure unsuspecting friends into none friendly venues! You hear of it all the time. Doctors, lawyers, preachers, luring young people into their dream world! Oh grant you there have been a few that were real and sincere.

I personally no two who meet and married their blog friend. So what is true? Who are you? Do you reveal the real you or are you some one I just like to listen too? Some one you just like to write about like a soap opera!

I prefer to think I have met some real friends, that I share my thoughts with on a day today basics. I am in contact with some down to earth people who share a part of their life with me and I respond to. We don’t have all the answers to all the every day problems we face but we face them together. I no when I get up each morning those who are thinking of me! I believe in my heart that we are connected! I feel your pains and laugh with your joys. Smile at the great pictures you post.

They can say what the think! I can’t help that but they can’t take away the friends I have found. That’s my feelings what’s is yours or have you been confronted about the bloging dream world?

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, never try to be something your not. People want to no who you are!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flock or Bunch

Good morning gang I am sating here squinting the sun is hitting me right in the face. Sure feels good! I can’t see but it feels good. A couple of minutes and it will be gone. My first impulse was to pull the shade. I just can’t do that, some how it’s like an old friend this morning.

I have been up sense 5:00am. My dogs sad it was time to go out. I staggered toward the back door and they were jumping and barking and I’m going suoooooe! You guys are going to have every one up!

Megan’s best friend is spending the weekend with us. I feel so sorry for her. Her parents are separating this weekend. Filling for a divorce! We don’t know if she knows are not. I sure don’t want to be the one to tell her!

Sometime life just sucks! We always say it is hard on the children when this happens and I no it’s true. What about the parents you no they are hurting too! Megan has been through a lot I hope she doesn’t have to go through loosing a best friend because they moved.

Well I suppose you have heard Michelle Wie didn’t make the cut! I no she is bitterly disappointed. Hey that’s golf! It just was not her week!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, life can be dishearten so learn to take the good with the bad and always be thankful for the day

Friday, January 14, 2005


Hi gang, I set here with a blank stare this morning. The roof contractor just called and said shows me the money! Hum… it’s at the bank! So here I am caught with what to do. I will try to find a check for him or I will have to go to the bank and don’t want to go out. Bummer! Oh well I hope every one is ready for their big weekend. The week went by fast for me. Too fast I keep dragging my feet but it just want slow down!

Our seven-year multi million dollar probe is maneuvering into orbit. To study ring dust! Darn, I could have given them dust from Boyd Creek for free! Why is it we have to pay a fortune for all the engineers and scientist to have something to do? Old rover is still running around Mars with nothing to do and I can’t get DSL in my neighborhood!

Strange how things work, our jobs are being sent all around the world for cheaper labor and higher profits but no one is concerned that the people out of work can’t buy there products! Dahl! Isn’t it amazing how a company will spend millions developing a foreign company? Send their products around the world. Pay import duties to the government so the government will subsidize them when they are not making the profit they want! I’m like Mr. Spook illogical!

Michelle Wie didn’t do to good yesterday until you look at the field. She is five over on a wind swept course that the number one player in the world is having trouble with. She is four behind VJ!

Thoughts for the day, why do we allow are elected officials to squander our tax dollars. Could it be they are sat for life and just don’t care how we make out!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Wow Glade That’s Over!

Hi gang I am running late. I waited for the California squall line to go through our area before getting on line. Thankfully it was not too bad. Windy and rain with a sharp temperature drop. Oh well back to winter! Darn, I was hoping to escape it this year. We do need some cold to get the skitter population down. I helped sat up Megan’s trampoline and the skitters like to eat me up. She got her B-day present a month early because it was on sale.

Speaking of Megan her and her mom are both down with the flu bug! Ought…

Quick note Michelle Wee will be playing with the big boy at the Sony Open. Wish her luck, she missed the cut last year by one stroke!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, you can’t hide from sickness but you sure don’t have to welcome it with open arms either!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Hump Day

Hi gang, I am trying to talk to you first this morning rather than visiting first as I have been doing. I normally don’t get on the putter until my wife goes to work. She starts at 9:ooam. Some times she will not leave home until almost that time. Any way she doesn’t like me being on line so I wait until she leaves. Makes it easer to live with!

The roofers finished yesterday, thank goodness the doges can settle down until they come out to put up new gutters. I haven’t heard when they will do that. My son ordered new windows for my room yesterday. We are wonting to get my room done by the end of February. The computer desk went of sale that we wonted so I’m not sure what we will do. I wonted to build a desk but that idea went over like a lead balloon!

Ah, the joys of working together! One thing for sure my wife wants the putter out of her bedroom and she usually gets what she wants. I don’t dare say a word cause I wont it out of too. Today is her long day she has class tonight so hump day for her is a long one. She enjoys the class so much so the day goes by quick for her.

Thought for the day, Einstein once said, “ Imagination is more important than knowledge!”

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blogers Anniversarie

Hi gang yep it has been one year for me on blogers. I actually started out on Xenia but switched to blogers because no one would talk to me! Grant you I am pretty humdrum with not a whole lot to say. I do have a few drops by on blogers to see what is going on wither I have any thing to say or not. That is nice of them and I enjoy their comments.

When you are forced to retire and my age has a lot to do with the people who do drop by. My spelling is drastic to say the least! My ability to say what I feel impaired! What can I expect? I am most appreciative of those who stop by to say hallow.

My Trimmers have progressed over the year and I have more problems doing every day things. I still forget things and for some reason type some words with inverted letters? I don’t know what that is all about. My social life has evolved more and more around the computer. I have less desire to go anywhere. I suppose I am getting self-conches about my shaking. I feel like every one is staring at me. I no longer can eat with a fork with my right hand. I just drop every thing all over. Rally embarrassing!

I have been told the average expectance for an Alzheimer patient is average eight years some go twenty years. How long I have I try not to think about it! I take one day at a time and am thankful for it. Three years I have been saying thank you for another day. I have had a good life and have a wonderful family. All though it is starting to bother me when the talk behind my back and I here part of what they say. My wife and I do not see eye to eye any more. I have trouble talking to her. She seams so detached from my feelings. I do still have feelings!

This is getting to be much to long and I didn’t intend to sound like a crybaby. I watched my Mother die with this terrible diseases; you become helpless and hopeless!

Thought for the day, thank all of you for you friendship it means the world to me.
My granpa use to say son, if you see no way out close you eyes and drift into paradise!

Monday, January 10, 2005

Where are the ear plugs?

Hi gang, short post today. The roofers are here putting on a new roof. The dogs are going crazy! Buddy is about to have a heart attack! Me too at this point. Less see now what did I do with those positive thoughts!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say, son roofing and cleaning out an outhouse is about the same. One just smells better than the other!

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Magic Moment

Good morning gang, rise and shine the excitement of the day is before you! How long has it been séance you just could hardly wait to get up and get moving? For a special few this is an every day assurance. They meet the day with expectations!

I know what your thinking! Every day, that would get old quick! Not for some who see every day as an exciting new challenge, new discovery waiting to be reviled. Think how the archeologist must feel as he brushes away earth from millions of year old find!

The biochemist that sees a new link in a gene never seen before or a quantum mechanic who discovers a new mathematical calculation that will save days of work.

First reach of a child or the first flight of a bard! Can you feel the excitement I am talking about? These things are all around us but we ignore them with thought of heck another day another dollar! I don’t wont to get up! Oh, that drive to work!
That ice hat at work, waiting to tell me I am behind!

We fill our minds with negative thoughts and wonder at the end of the day what’s the use. Same old same old day after day, defeated before we start. Grant you, old habits are hard to break but think of the possibilities. Sounds like the beginning of a self help book! Nope, this is the first day of the rest of your life! What you do with it my friends is up to you!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, hit the ground running, it’s a long way to the John!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Mama gone be mad!

God morning gang I hope every one got to sleep in this morning. I did, I got up hurting allover. Too much sleep, six hours is good for me. It rained hard and long last night, just perfect for sleeping! Made me think of my child hood sleeping under a tin roof, the sound of the rain would put me out.

I have run across so many blogs reminiscing of there early years. As a young man I would listen to old people talk about how things were when they were young, I love it. Today no one seams to be interested! There is so much going on today or the older folk don’t wont to talk about it.

I have always enjoyed looking through the eyes of someone telling of their life. I suppose that is why I love talking to all of you guys. Some how I feel connected, part of you. I don’t know if that makes since or not but you no what I am saying.

Bloging in a way is like a soap opera! You actually start living the lives of those you are in contact with. Hey think about that, “As the World Turns” in real time!

Thought for the day, we have a heavy-duty mop bucket and Buddy has chewed it into a million pieces! Mama is gone be mad at you boy!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Do I have TO

Hey gang I have a lot of running around to do this morning that I was just informed of!GRRRR! So hang in there I will get around to see all of you some time today.

Thought for the day, why am I always the last to no what's going on? My wife says it's because I don't listen! I heard that!

Thursday, January 06, 2005


Hi gang top of the morning to every one. I just got through e-mal and looked at the time. This is not working! You guys are getting ready for lunch and I am just starting to jabber. Hang in there I will get it worked out yet. I seam to be late morning or evening.

Bouncing around I see many of you are going through complete redesign blogs! Wow, lot of work or expensive if someone is doing it for you! I suppose I am just a plane Joe. I just want to talk and listen to you! That means most to me. The pretty colors and all are nice. However I wont you! Your thoughts, your dreams and expectations.

Just a quick note, today starts the PGA Tour in Hawaii. The Mercedes Championship. Spring can’t be to far away!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, what do you wont to be when you grow up? I would tell him I wonted to be just like him. He would laugh and say you got to aim higher boy. The good Lord knows when He makes a mistake!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Big Wheel

Good morning gang, I hope hump day got started good for you. I am supposed to be playing golf this morning but sort of feel baa and have that old vertigo back again! There is always something to complain about but with a smile! Hey, it could be worse!

Just a short note on last night’s foot ball game, WOW!

As you get older you find yourself praying more, not for yourself but for those who are worse off than you and for those who are struggling from day to day. Life is so full of twist and turns. There is just no way to tell the young to prepare for the long hall.

I read an article of the present generation expecting every this quick and accurate! Not that they were willing to work hard to make it that way. It is suppose to be handed to them. Just think how frustrating it must be if the ipod battery is dead! Or the kill bill video game has a glitch. Heaven forbid being sixteen and not having a new car!

Each generation has its own hang ups! Mine were money to buy Cigarettes, how to get a date out of the cute girl in my class. Hang out at the mall; what mall we didn’t have them. My hang out was the YMCA! Car yep, my first was a 54 Ford! Best car I have ever owned! Who paid for it? You got it, me! My mom gave me enough far a down payment for graduation.

There is so much you wont to tell your kids. They have to learn their way. Sometime it is a road of hard knocks!

What has all this got to do with a big wheel? My grandpa use to say son, he who goes in a circle will be known as a big wheel. I wonder if he ever had VERTIGO?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

So Much For Early Start

Good morning gang. I got on the net early to get caught up from yesterday and had about twenty-five e-mails. Birthday greetings, golf t-time changes and of course all the sales still going on. I have four e-mail accounts (don’t ask me why) by the time I get through e-mail and check my blog. Half the morning is gone.

Yesterday was a beautiful worm day. I got out and mulched leaves with the tractor. Played with the dogs out back and had a great b-day supper. My wife made me baby-back ribs. Yes, there went my diet again! Although I did skip desert!

The day was caped of with Auburn winning the Sugar Bowl! I though V. Tec played a good game. They just didn’t get the brakes they needed. Tonight we get to see the National champs, who do you pick? I have not seen either one play this year. Should be a good game.

We have a close friend who moved last year to the Netherlands. We stay in touch via e-mail, any way she sent me the neatest link of the ice festival in China. You have got to take a look at this… I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Thought for the day, my youngest daughter ask me yesterday if I thought I would live this long. I told her no! If I had known, I would have taken better care of my self and not paid all that life insurance!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

How Worm Was It

Hi gang second day of the year sure doesn’t look like the January I remember. Same old story depends on the jet stream. We were supposed to get rain but it has stayed east of us. Looks like a nice week ahead. Not getting cold until next weekend.

Not a lot going on today, ball games, ball games and I think the other channel had a ball game! Reminds me of when I was a Rep for Metal Cutting Tools. There was a place I called on where the owner was never in. They told me he was at the other office. One day a ran across the other office this guy owned a strip club called “The Other Office!” (No Brent I never went in!) I never went back to either office!

Funny how a word or phrase will make you think of something you have not thought of in years. I ran across this today about blogers…

"Blogs have been around for several years, but because of the coverage in the political campaign, a lot more people became aware of the idea of blogging and certainly went online to read blogs," Rainie said.

Though blog readership jumped, the percentage of online Americans who write blogs grew only slightly -- to 7 percent in November, up from 5 percent early in the year. Blog creators tend to be male, affluent, well educated and young; 70 percent of them have high-speed connections at home, and 82 percent have been online at least six years.

Despite the attention to blogging, a large number of Americans remain clueless -- only 38 percent of Internet users know what a blog is: online agglomerations of ideas, information and links, usually presented with the most recent postings on top, and often offering a mechanism for visitors to post comments. If you would like to read the article click here written in New York.

Thought for the day, how worm was it! Glade you asked, it was 75 here today!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Sorry long post I got on a band wagon!

‘Hog Haven’

Hi gang hope today has been a good one foe every one. I am sort of in the dark. I have listened to no news today, Radio or TV. As much as I hate to say it some times no news is good news. There is so much we are bombarded with every day and they wonder why we use so much antidepressants and pain pills.

Sure we are one of the wealthiest Countries in the world. The best of every thing, except peace of mind! There is always some one at the door wanting what you have. It doesn’t seam to mater that you need a job to survive. Someone somewhere else needs it more than you do.

Does this scenario sound familiar? It should, we here it every day, why does this seam to fall on death ears? All my life I have heard the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Is it because the rich have found a way to make the system work in their favor, not yours.

Have you any idea what a LOBIEST gets paid per year? Check it out. You will be shocked! While you’re at it check out what they do and for whom. You wont find one of their Cadillac’s parked in a run down neighborhood while out helping the economic development of the area!

Yep, we have problems my friends yet through it all there is no place on earth like our free Country. USA or Canada, why are we hated look around the world and see what kind of comparison you can make! This is why THOUSANDS wait in line to come here. Why THOUSANDS more risk their life to get here any way they can!

I am proud to be who I am! I am blessed yes, and I give thanks every day. You should to. Some how we must learn to be proud people again, to take up for each other. A wise person once said “no man is an island”! We are in this together.

What has this got to do with hog heaven? Hey, I had black-eyed peas, collard greens, onion, corn bread, potters and meat loaf with gravy for dinner! Yahoo! You can’t get much better than that any where in this grand old world. Rich or poor!

Thought for the day, I cried recently because I heard some one say they were ashamed to let people no they were American! I am ashamed too that we have to let people stay when they should be somewhere else!