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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Hi gang Hard to believe it’s hump day already time flies wither your having fun or not! Boo… cold again this morning. I took Megan to school the car got worm just is we pulled up to the school door. She still doesn’t feel good her mother either. Man I hope I don’t catch the stuff all over again. I feel pretty good except Old’ author is nagging at my right arm and shoulder. What’s the old saying use it or loose it!

I have got to pick up Amber and Megan this afternoon. Amber spent the night with her mom. Tomorrow she has her first rehab class required by the parole officer she is assigned to. She has that class for three hours three days a week plus her GED class three days a week. There will be a lot of running around for the next six months! O f course she wants to drive herself. I have already said no way Hose! Not one of my cars!

I finally finished ‘The Stand’ Yahoo!!!! I have gone from one King book to another King book. This time though Cassandra King’s ‘Sunday Wife’. So far it looks pretty good. Reminds me of Kim and Dennis up in Illinois! Same Church, I will keep you posted.

Thought for the day, I read an article today on Cassie-B ice wine in the paper. That stuff is expensive! $40.00 half a bottle!


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