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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Flock or Bunch

Good morning gang I am sating here squinting the sun is hitting me right in the face. Sure feels good! I can’t see but it feels good. A couple of minutes and it will be gone. My first impulse was to pull the shade. I just can’t do that, some how it’s like an old friend this morning.

I have been up sense 5:00am. My dogs sad it was time to go out. I staggered toward the back door and they were jumping and barking and I’m going suoooooe! You guys are going to have every one up!

Megan’s best friend is spending the weekend with us. I feel so sorry for her. Her parents are separating this weekend. Filling for a divorce! We don’t know if she knows are not. I sure don’t want to be the one to tell her!

Sometime life just sucks! We always say it is hard on the children when this happens and I no it’s true. What about the parents you no they are hurting too! Megan has been through a lot I hope she doesn’t have to go through loosing a best friend because they moved.

Well I suppose you have heard Michelle Wie didn’t make the cut! I no she is bitterly disappointed. Hey that’s golf! It just was not her week!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, life can be dishearten so learn to take the good with the bad and always be thankful for the day


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