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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Mama gone be mad!

God morning gang I hope every one got to sleep in this morning. I did, I got up hurting allover. Too much sleep, six hours is good for me. It rained hard and long last night, just perfect for sleeping! Made me think of my child hood sleeping under a tin roof, the sound of the rain would put me out.

I have run across so many blogs reminiscing of there early years. As a young man I would listen to old people talk about how things were when they were young, I love it. Today no one seams to be interested! There is so much going on today or the older folk don’t wont to talk about it.

I have always enjoyed looking through the eyes of someone telling of their life. I suppose that is why I love talking to all of you guys. Some how I feel connected, part of you. I don’t know if that makes since or not but you no what I am saying.

Bloging in a way is like a soap opera! You actually start living the lives of those you are in contact with. Hey think about that, “As the World Turns” in real time!

Thought for the day, we have a heavy-duty mop bucket and Buddy has chewed it into a million pieces! Mama is gone be mad at you boy!


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