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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Big Wheel

Good morning gang, I hope hump day got started good for you. I am supposed to be playing golf this morning but sort of feel baa and have that old vertigo back again! There is always something to complain about but with a smile! Hey, it could be worse!

Just a short note on last night’s foot ball game, WOW!

As you get older you find yourself praying more, not for yourself but for those who are worse off than you and for those who are struggling from day to day. Life is so full of twist and turns. There is just no way to tell the young to prepare for the long hall.

I read an article of the present generation expecting every this quick and accurate! Not that they were willing to work hard to make it that way. It is suppose to be handed to them. Just think how frustrating it must be if the ipod battery is dead! Or the kill bill video game has a glitch. Heaven forbid being sixteen and not having a new car!

Each generation has its own hang ups! Mine were money to buy Cigarettes, how to get a date out of the cute girl in my class. Hang out at the mall; what mall we didn’t have them. My hang out was the YMCA! Car yep, my first was a 54 Ford! Best car I have ever owned! Who paid for it? You got it, me! My mom gave me enough far a down payment for graduation.

There is so much you wont to tell your kids. They have to learn their way. Sometime it is a road of hard knocks!

What has all this got to do with a big wheel? My grandpa use to say son, he who goes in a circle will be known as a big wheel. I wonder if he ever had VERTIGO?


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