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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Sorry long post I got on a band wagon!

‘Hog Haven’

Hi gang hope today has been a good one foe every one. I am sort of in the dark. I have listened to no news today, Radio or TV. As much as I hate to say it some times no news is good news. There is so much we are bombarded with every day and they wonder why we use so much antidepressants and pain pills.

Sure we are one of the wealthiest Countries in the world. The best of every thing, except peace of mind! There is always some one at the door wanting what you have. It doesn’t seam to mater that you need a job to survive. Someone somewhere else needs it more than you do.

Does this scenario sound familiar? It should, we here it every day, why does this seam to fall on death ears? All my life I have heard the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Is it because the rich have found a way to make the system work in their favor, not yours.

Have you any idea what a LOBIEST gets paid per year? Check it out. You will be shocked! While you’re at it check out what they do and for whom. You wont find one of their Cadillac’s parked in a run down neighborhood while out helping the economic development of the area!

Yep, we have problems my friends yet through it all there is no place on earth like our free Country. USA or Canada, why are we hated look around the world and see what kind of comparison you can make! This is why THOUSANDS wait in line to come here. Why THOUSANDS more risk their life to get here any way they can!

I am proud to be who I am! I am blessed yes, and I give thanks every day. You should to. Some how we must learn to be proud people again, to take up for each other. A wise person once said “no man is an island”! We are in this together.

What has this got to do with hog heaven? Hey, I had black-eyed peas, collard greens, onion, corn bread, potters and meat loaf with gravy for dinner! Yahoo! You can’t get much better than that any where in this grand old world. Rich or poor!

Thought for the day, I cried recently because I heard some one say they were ashamed to let people no they were American! I am ashamed too that we have to let people stay when they should be somewhere else!


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