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Monday, December 27, 2004

Rambling Rose

Hi gang hope every one has had a good day. Old’ blue Monday bounced right on by. I must have blinked or something cause I sure don’t know where it went. Days like this remind me of something I should have done and didn’t.

I remembered what I was supposed to do, my wife told me to hang some towels on the back deck to dry. Five hours later I hung them out. They never did dry I told her the sun just wasn’t warm enough today, so I put them in the dryer!

The dogs are talking to me again. I had to promise to lock them in the den next time the Twins come. Buddy wanted to take them out and berry them. You should see the wholes he has dug!

My granpa use to say son, if you get a dog that loves to dig, put him to work in the tater patch!

Thought for the day, Brenda’s hub has gone hunting for three days! Just not right for here to be so HAPPY!!!!


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