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Monday, December 20, 2004


Good morning gang it is cold! How cold, glade you asked it is so cold my dogs want to use inside plumbing today! I believe we hit 16* pretty cold for around here. Guess what, tomorrow is suppose to be 60*! Go figure!

It is bad when the highlight of you thoughts is the WEATHER! Well some days it is hard to think and type at the same time! Duh! The count down is on for Saturday! I no most of you are well prepared way in advance so no big rush for you but there are those who are still thinking about it YOU NO WHO YOU ARE!

I read an article about emptying self to receive Christ this Christmas. This made me think about the old antic is the bottle half full or half empty? We all see things from a different perspective based on our unique input from our store of experience and knowledge.

How can we prejudge someone on their opinion or believe if we have no idea what that persons store room holds? With this in mind I suggest you empty your self of all preconceived data and fill you self with pure love for one another this holiday season. Let not race, sex, religion or politics blind you of the true meaning of Christmas. That is EMANUEL!!!

Thought for the day, I thought I was half empty until I listened to your story!


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