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Monday, December 13, 2004

To Good To Keep

Hi gang blue Monday is down and in the books of yesterday! I hope all had a good day. Believe it or not I got out of the house today and did some running around. Then surprise! I dropped by my wife's office and took her to lunch. She said I know you are not feeling good but you are just plain sick! I come on strong ever once in a while when she least expects it.

Ever once in a while I run across a story ju_st t_o go_od t_o ke_ep...


A woman went to the doctor's office where she was seen by one of the
new doctors, but after about 4 minutes in the examination room, she burst
out, screaming as she ran down the hall.

An older doctor stopped her and asked what the problem was, and she
told him her story. After listening, he had her sit down and relax in
another room.

The older doctor marched down the hallway to the back where the
younger doctor was and demanded, "What's the matter with you? Mrs.
Terry is 63 years old, she has four grown children and seven
grandchildren, and you told her she was pregnant?!"

The younger doctor continued to write on his clipboard and without
looking up said, "Does she still have the hickups

Thought for the day,not much suppresses me anymore except the hickups!


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