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Saturday, December 11, 2004

But what if?

Hi gang I am running way behind again. Yap it's Saturday! Church, supper with friends and as usual just not enough time. We speak of it to each other every day. Think about it! It is true, do we control it or does it control us?

The older you get the more you are conches of time. It almost becomes an obsession to get done what you want to do. There never seams to be enough time. I often wander about the great inventors and thinkers stating they sleep very little to have more time.

I made the statement that in the twilight of my years I have come to terms with X=MCsq. Think of his theorem now what if you could jump into quantum hyper space. Would you start to get younger as time progresses or would you still die of old age! Hum... I AM TRYING TO Co-exist with that I have no control of. To become one with the movement of time. Contemplative, dying to self, and become one with the totally

Can this be done in our secular world? Yes but not by your self nor can it be grasped but only infused and shared. Time to us is fleeting but this will not always be so. The knowledge is there to be taped of how to exist in a zone yet discovered.
The future holds many wonders to those with eyes to see and a will to understand. Mankind must find new ways of discovery! New ways of thinking and seeing things.

I have gotten of on a tangent that know one is interested in. Some day you may be as the years go by!

Thought for the day," and He said behold I make all things new!"


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