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Sunday, December 05, 2004

How did I do that

Hi gang where did the week end go too. This has been another one of those days where it has been a flash! I started of with the Sunday paper and progresed to books trying to figure how I got my pictures all blured? The more I do on this puter the less I seam to know. I got a ton of questions and so for few answers. My daughter says I read that some where dad! Hum... good for her! HOW DO YOU FEX IT!

One good thing I have not had in twentu-five years, my wife made her Italian beef today! Need less to say Onk Onk! Yep I did! She has not lost the touch. (I got to get in the dog hous more often!)

Thought for the day, some one once said I don't know if it was granpa or not, every dog has his day! I am so content... yea buddy!


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