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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Day of Rest

I gang another one bites the dust! Age old story, can’t wait for the weekend to get here and poof it’s gone! I hope every one has had a good one. I am starting to see a lot of wonderful pictures of all your decorations. Some of you are really getting into it.

When the children were small we would drive around looking at all the x-mass lights. This was a spill over from my child hood. In the town I grew up in there was a subdivision (wasn’t called that back then it was a neighborhood.) Any way this area had huge expensive homes and servants to take care of them. They would all put on an x-mass display that was amazing to small eyes and big people too!

I noticed last night driving home I saw a lot of homes all light up. I think I will try to get all the grand and great grand together for a ride looking at bright colored lights. Ties the season you know!

Last note today is always referred to as a day of rest Scott and I hunkered down and sleep right through golf! Reminds me of the old days when I would sleep through the football game! I did here the spot caster say Tiger wins!

Thought for the day, I wander how many people still take time to chill out?


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