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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Ho Ho, Man am I Full!

Hi gang I hope every one has had a great day! Man do I fell like Santa after eating all those cookies and drinking all that milk. Every Holiday I say I am not going to eat too much! Ha fat chance, as I float back for seconds. I tell myself just a little bit but I forget by the time you get a little of every thing I have another plate full! Duh!

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve at Church last night. My grand daughter brought the twins and Allison to church to surprise us. What a gift! It was a great evening. The three of them were good! We sat with one of my best friends family. It turned out to be a special blessed evening.

Today we all gather at my in-laws for dinner and presents. Feeding 16 people is a chore especially when they eat like me! I could not help but think how many trees it took far all the x-mass paper we used and then put out to be burned! What a waste! I saved all the pretty sacks, all different sizes. I just couldn’t throw them out!

Thought for the day, as I looked out the window at the blazing sun sating in the trees I thought of all of you and how blessed we are! May there be peace on earth tonight!


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