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Friday, January 14, 2005


Hi gang, I set here with a blank stare this morning. The roof contractor just called and said shows me the money! Hum… it’s at the bank! So here I am caught with what to do. I will try to find a check for him or I will have to go to the bank and don’t want to go out. Bummer! Oh well I hope every one is ready for their big weekend. The week went by fast for me. Too fast I keep dragging my feet but it just want slow down!

Our seven-year multi million dollar probe is maneuvering into orbit. To study ring dust! Darn, I could have given them dust from Boyd Creek for free! Why is it we have to pay a fortune for all the engineers and scientist to have something to do? Old rover is still running around Mars with nothing to do and I can’t get DSL in my neighborhood!

Strange how things work, our jobs are being sent all around the world for cheaper labor and higher profits but no one is concerned that the people out of work can’t buy there products! Dahl! Isn’t it amazing how a company will spend millions developing a foreign company? Send their products around the world. Pay import duties to the government so the government will subsidize them when they are not making the profit they want! I’m like Mr. Spook illogical!

Michelle Wie didn’t do to good yesterday until you look at the field. She is five over on a wind swept course that the number one player in the world is having trouble with. She is four behind VJ!

Thoughts for the day, why do we allow are elected officials to squander our tax dollars. Could it be they are sat for life and just don’t care how we make out!


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