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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blogers Anniversarie

Hi gang yep it has been one year for me on blogers. I actually started out on Xenia but switched to blogers because no one would talk to me! Grant you I am pretty humdrum with not a whole lot to say. I do have a few drops by on blogers to see what is going on wither I have any thing to say or not. That is nice of them and I enjoy their comments.

When you are forced to retire and my age has a lot to do with the people who do drop by. My spelling is drastic to say the least! My ability to say what I feel impaired! What can I expect? I am most appreciative of those who stop by to say hallow.

My Trimmers have progressed over the year and I have more problems doing every day things. I still forget things and for some reason type some words with inverted letters? I don’t know what that is all about. My social life has evolved more and more around the computer. I have less desire to go anywhere. I suppose I am getting self-conches about my shaking. I feel like every one is staring at me. I no longer can eat with a fork with my right hand. I just drop every thing all over. Rally embarrassing!

I have been told the average expectance for an Alzheimer patient is average eight years some go twenty years. How long I have I try not to think about it! I take one day at a time and am thankful for it. Three years I have been saying thank you for another day. I have had a good life and have a wonderful family. All though it is starting to bother me when the talk behind my back and I here part of what they say. My wife and I do not see eye to eye any more. I have trouble talking to her. She seams so detached from my feelings. I do still have feelings!

This is getting to be much to long and I didn’t intend to sound like a crybaby. I watched my Mother die with this terrible diseases; you become helpless and hopeless!

Thought for the day, thank all of you for you friendship it means the world to me.
My granpa use to say son, if you see no way out close you eyes and drift into paradise!


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