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Monday, January 17, 2005

Lost Post

Hi gang hope pld monday got off to a good start far you mine exploded! Today is a holiday for many in the states and my wife and Megan are home. As you no I don't like to get on the puter when she is home. I thought she was going shoping but it was geting late so I started making a post in word and she turned on the heater to take a showwer and blew a fuse! Lost the post! To make the story short, I now have a spliting head ach.

She has gone but promised to be back in a couple of hours so I need to get on and get off! Enough stress for one day! I hope every one had a good weekeend. I spent yesterday running grandchildren around. Missed VJs come from behind win and the play offs in football. I don't want to here poor Joe! Actualy it was not a bad day.

Thought for the day, how often have you planed a day and did nothing you had planed?


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