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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

One Step Forward and Two back

Hi gang I hope all of you got the week off to a bang. I sure did. I have a new house- guest for the next six months. My baby girl’s daughter she is 16 going on 25! It is much to long of a story to get into, suffice to say she has a problem. She has six months of classes three times a week for probation on a drug possession charge. Plus she is taking GED classes because she quit school.

This past Saturday evening she wrecked her step-dads car. Sounds like a good soap opera doesn’t it well for her sake it’s a good thing blood is thicker than water, where else could she go! Still cold the jet stream is pumping in all the cold weather from up north. 16*f tonight, that’s cold for around here.

Thought for the day, I learned many years ago, you couldn’t run from problems. This too will pass!


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