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Saturday, January 29, 2005


Hi gang Friday is closing fast. I hope all of you made your planes for the weekend. It looks like boa weather here cold and rain. May get some sunshine Sunday. I love the worm days but it sure hurts when it gets cold again.

Please read top to bottom to make sence out of this!!!

I bumped into a friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while. He moved father out into the country. Build a nice home and has a nice size farm. He moved to start his on business as a chicken farmer. The last I had heard he was doing well and has expanded building one of the largest chicken farms in our area. Jim didn’t look well and had deep blue circles under his eyes.

Jim, I asked are you all right, you seam to have a problem? Oh, I have some pretty bad problems at the farm and it is taken its tool on me he said. Jim is married to a beautiful young girl much younger than he so the first thing I thought of was a marital problem. The age difference catching up to him but he assured me there was no family problem. So I said for gosh sakes Jim what is wrong!

Jim proceeds to tell me his chickens had quit lying and were dieing off! He said it started slow and got worse every week. Business is so bad now I am about to loose the farm! Well Jim get some one out there to find out what’s going on! Jim said I did that; I have some of the best experts out and found nothing. Doesn’t look good. I am out today looking for a job he told me.

Now hold on Jim, my granpa taught me all there is to know about chicken farming. I just don’t get evolved any more. I have all our business leased out and let them take care of their problems. Would you mind if I come out and noise around. Jim said he didn’t mind but had no way of paying me for me service. Jim, I said we have been friends for a long time. I couldn’t charge you anything. I just wish you had said something before things got so bad.

It was mid morning and Jim had some running around to do so I drove out to his farm and started looking around. Granpa always said son, there is a reason for every thing you just have to be at the right place at the right time. Jim’s farm was every thing I had heard it was. Beautiful, I really like the place.

I started checking the food supply and water supply. Every thing looked good, place was clean but something was wrong and I could feel it! The chickens were moping around hardly any noise. Then I heard a commotion at the other end of the chicken house and rushed to see what it was and there stood Judy, Jim’s young wife. She was a sight; clad in short white shorts and a see through t-shirt.

She was startled at first but recognized me and said what you doing out this way. She was standing there holding a chicken by the neck! I told her that I came out to find out what was wrong with the chickens. She said lots of luck! I am getting to the point I am afraid to eat them. With that she swung the chicken around and popped its head off. Blood went everywhere, and the chicken danced around till the blood quit spurting out. She picked the bird up and started out the door, see you latter, Jim is not home. I told her I knew and that I had seen him in town.

It wasn’t to long after that Jim came home and I meet him in the drive- way. What do you think Jim, asked? There is something wrong all right. Yea tell me about it he said. How long has it been like this Jim, he told me as near as he could tell it started back in the summer after they had a big BBQ.

Were there a lot of kids here for the BBQ? Yes he said but there were no problems. I asked if they had been around the chicken houses and he said he didn’t think so. Has any thing unusual happened, no he said? The only things I can remember is Judy gave up being a vegetarian and eat ribs for the first time in years. She pigged out! Ok let me think about what I have seen today and I will drop back tomorrow about the same time.

I left Jim standing in the drive as I drove off. I hardly eat supper that night thinking about all I had seen not wanting to over look anything. I thought about all my granpa had taught me. I was restless all night and was sure I was missing something!

About mid day I drove back out to Jim’s and started looking around. Jim joined me shortly and we looked around together. We were standing at he end of one of the chicken house not far fro Jim driveway and saw Judy heading toward the house with a chicken dangling. She was a sight; I tried not to stare in front of Jim. I said Judy could have been a model Jim. He laughed and said I no. I am one lucky man to bag that Gail. I just hope she doesn’t gain too much weight the way she is eating.

I smiled and said would it be all right if I come back out tonight and check the chicken houses? Ok by me, what time do you want me to meet you. I told him I had rather be alone if he didn’t mind. That’s fine, we’re up late if I can be of any help. I assured him I would be fine.

I drove back to Jim’s around 10:00pm and parked just inside the gate and walked up trying my best not to make any noise. The lights were still on at the house and all was quite at the chicken houses. I found me a spot were I could see the House and all the chicken houses and sat down to watch.

My granpa was a wise old dude he knew more abut farming and farm life than most of the experts! He had done it all at one time or another. Crops cattle, pigs, goats, chickens, and even emus at one time, course that’s another story. Talking to Jim earlier it hit me like a flash! I remembered something granpa had told me once about chickens. I smiled and said I hope what I am thinking is true for Jim’s sake. He has a nice place here.

It was a cool night but not cold. I had a sweater on and sat back thinking about old times with granpa and how much he had taught me. People don’t learn like that any more. Now days it’s collages and computers. The old folks are just that old folks. Someone to honk at on the road or blame all the goverment spending problems on. What could you possibly learn from them! I heard some dogs barking in the distance and looked up at the house just as the lights went out.

All was quite far a little longer then I heard it! Low at first then a little louder. I didn’t move a muscle and strained to here all I could. Chickens talk to each other my granpa use to say. Son you have to walk there walk and talk their talk. The noise grew staidly; they were talking to each other. I had to get closer so I could try to understand what they were saying. If I made any noise it would be over I would learn nothing!

I made it to a point I could hear clearly what was said! I was right granpa you know it all. I had my camera with me and took a shoot. There was plenty of light in the chicken house so I wasn’t worried about a flash. I slipped away and drove home. I had solved Jim’s problem and had proof on my digital camera. I could hardly contain my self till morning to get over to Jim’s!

As I drove out to Jim’s the next morning I thought of all the knowledge granpa had passed on to me and I had better start writing it down before it is lost forever. Pulling in the drive I saw Jim coming out of the house. I pulled in and parked. Jim said good morning, how did it go last night. I smiled and said every thin went fine. I believe we have found the problem. Jim just looked at me in amazement! What, what did you find he asked!

Jim I said, remember us talking and saw Judy walked up to the house as we were talking. Yea but what has that got to do with it. It downed on me what you had said about your BBQ! What he said? Judy started eating meat! Yea but I broke in and asked does she get a chicken to eat every day? Well almost why? She is breaking a cardinal rule of chicken farming. Look at this picture I took last night!
He stared it in disbelive!

Now you no the rest of the story!

Thought for the day, my granpa use to say son, if you have something to say say it!


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