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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hi gang, I am out of sink again! Hope every one has had a good weekend. I think the talk around the nation is still the weather. Pretty cold here last night and today and windy! You no what the wind does to you. The east is digging out from the Blizzard of 2005.

Last night we went to church and then to our little Mexican restaurant and there was a power outage! So we went to two stake houses full to the brim. Wound up going to IHop! Bad mistake! It took forth-five minutes to get our order! I forgot what I had ordered. Service was bad, bad. This is the third time for and the last, no more IHOP, please!

We gathered at my in-laws for the twins Birth Day. A good crowed of the family showed up. Course they were the main attraction. I took a ton of pictures but will PICK TWO so you want have to sit through all, the who’s and ah’s!

Robert, Josh, Megan and The three little ones mom.

This is my new house guest part time for the next six months!

Thought for the day, by now you have heard another legand died, Johnny Carson.


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