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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What's for Desert?

That's how I felt I looked after supper tonight! LOL! BBQ ribs, griled taters with onions and broccoli, corn and turnip greens! Galeeewe dog!

Hope every one had a safe and great Halloweene !

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Spinning a Web

Check out this amazing story!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Back to Work notice!

Well we have been off for two weeks and go back to work Tuesday! We have 17 more rolls to do or 2040 feet!

Until now we have done all hall ways now we will be doing individual rooms. Not sure how this is going to work.

I reminded my partner that I will be at the beach from Nov. 18 to 26th! So we had better pick em up and put em down if we are to finish in November!

Out of two weeks I have played golf once! Monday we are playing at Tannehill National which has been sold to home developers. Nice course but money talks! I will try to remember to take my camera and get some pics.

Have a great weekend every one!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

At Last A Spare in the House

My son and I working to gather good family bonding time! First we have to install a new door. No problem, get a set, casing and door unit. Only need a couple of tools! Yea Right...

Well no problem, you lay out the door on the wall cut it out and WALA! IT WONT FIT!
Hey just a little trim here and there and WALA! Still WONT FIT!

Find out you have to have a loose fit to move the unit around and fit in place.
Heavy cuting and WALA! CUT TO MUCH!

Inter grandson let me see, move it like this and this! Put a tack nail in quick!
WALA IT FITS! Now things should be all...

Except for one thing,with all the cutting and banging my son did this to the base board above the door...

Hey not bad for three amatures, at least we are still talking to each other after five and a half hours of almost perfect door hanging.

Please if you need doors hung DON"T CALL US! LOL!

Now all we have to do is the PLUMBING I can't wait...

Friday, October 20, 2006


I have been off work for a week and caught a head cold! Yuck! Hope everyone has a grand weekend! Turning cold hear after all the rain we have had.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Helow out there! Just an update! I am off this week from the VA my partner went to Alanta for the week. I'm not sure how much we have to go but we're ready to stop! This is one tuff job! Sore from head to toe LOL! Bad news on the home front. My grandaughters x and his new wife lost there first baby this past Friday. It was a little girl premiture. Devloped a lung infection and couldn't fight it off.

It's heart troubling to loose a child! The twins and their sister are having a hard time grasping what is going on. They are growing like weeds. Spent three hours with their mother Sat. The court has given her three hour a week to see the children. She may get released untill her cout date in thirty days. I don't no what we will do. My son wants nothing to do with her. She has no where else to go but here.

This weekend My daughter and grandaughter are going to Golf shores with my sister-inlaw. It will do them both good to get away. Not much else going on. My grass cutting is down to every other week soon that will be all till spring! The new tractor has been wonderful cut our job from twelve hours to three!

We are going to Cocoa Beach Fl. Thanksgiving week. We ran across a deal on a condo that we just couldn't pass up. My friend Ray and his wife are going with us. Seven days YAHOO! Golf, space center at the cape, more golf visit friends and golf. Did I mention wer'e playin golf!

I was going to post some pics but bloger want let me so I will post some later. Have a great day all!