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Monday, October 31, 2005

WHICH ride do you prefer?

Wow! Where did it go, the weekend I mean! Ol' blue Monday seems to be more and more frequent. Being retired you would think it would be just another day. I have no set planes for any day of the week most are random. Normally church on Saturday, golf on Monday and cut grass on Friday or Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or catch alls.

That leaves Sunday, which was never designed to be a family day but has evolved to be just that. We have family here or we go to the lake. My wife tries to go to the lake every Sunday and has for years to be with her mom and dad.

The lake has become sort of our little getaway. A place to swim, BBQ, relaxes and be with the children. All of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have gathered there for years.

This is why I spend so much time there in the summer cutting grass. It has become home away from home. Now the place is in need of repair and I am not a carpenter. Trying to talk to the family about it brings up the age-old question of money! BIL states flatly that he doesn’t want to put any money into the place! So I get up set because no one seems to care.

Well I suppose I have this weighing on my mind is why I’m talking to you about it. Sorry for the rambling. It just T’s me off that every one looks the other way!

Thought for the day, where do you spend most of you time?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I don't know if any of you are as bad as me about saving things! I save articals and photos to share with you, then forget about them and why in the heck did I save them? :-)! Any way this is a great little e-mail I received and wanted to pass along becouse all of us at one time or another wish upon something! Fro a dear friend in India...

May be you wont believe it.. but this pic is of the holy tree in Arunachal Pradesh...

just look at it for 5 seconds and make a wish.. and then forward to atleast 10 of your friends and your wish will come true, however impossible it may be..

dont take it as a joke...


Thought for the day, some never enjoy the smile on a childs face!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I am so undecided about my costume? I'm down to these, I must choose one!

Thought for the day,some days you feel like a nut some you don't!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Image hosted by
I have forgot where I picked this up but I did for you ladies! Read horizantel and vertical.

I tried on my Halowwin custom last night and it is a tad tight!
Image hosted by

Thought for the day, why do you have to wait in a room by youself to see a doctor!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Now get your mind out of the gutter..............

History of the Jack O' Lantern
The Jack O' Lantern tradition comes from an Irish myth about Stingy Jack who tricked the Devil twice and was denied entrance to Heaven for dealing with the Devil. The Devil would not allow him into Hell for tricking him, but sent him roaming the Earth with only a small light inside a carved out turnip. This ghostly figure was soon known as Jack of the lantern turning into Jack O' Lantern.
Soon villages carved turnips with scary faces to scare away Jack or any other evil spirits. Using a pumpkin to carve scary faces came after large waves of Irish immigrants moved to America. They found pumpkins were more available and much easier to carve out then turnips. Today Jack O' Lanterns can be seen throughout all neighborhoods on Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips for Trick-or-Treating
· Young children should always go trick-or-treating with an adult.
· Wear a costume made of flame-resistant material and with reflective markings or bright colors.
· Only visit houses where the lights are on.
· Walk on sidewalks and driveways.
· Always cross the street at the corner or at a crosswalk.
· If possible, carry a flashlight and a cellular phone with you.
Check your children's candy before they eat it.

Thought for the day, to sick to think, just can't stay away from you!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Not much going on, on the home front. I played golf Monday, cold and windy. I didn’t play well at all but it was good to get out with the guys. Chuck joined us; he is the one whose wife has the brain tumor. They just went through the scorpion venom project I told you about. It will take about four months to see if it did any good. She is having trouble talking and doing task around the house. What they have done is not a cure but may prolong her life a little longer.

I am having my lower track problems. I have Colitis, and it has flared up. The pain makes me sick at my stomach. Sounds like gloom and doom! LOL! Ha, this is life, if you live long enough most have problems.

Scott and I have been looking at lawn mowers again. Sat. we took a demo out to the lake. A Toro man it did the job but came up short! The darn thing broke a belt. Now I am wondering if we should not go with a drive shaft deck! Those darn belts are 75 bucks! I took couple of pics for you to see Scott in action! LOL!

Thought for the day, pain is a reminder that your human!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did you ever read or see something that made you feel really old? Man this article from CBC did that to me. Old trees fascinate me. I have a deep since of awe for them and touch them when I come into contact. It’s like you have been here so long and must have learned so much. Look how majestic you are! Towering into the sky seeing far miles around. Oh, how many secrets do you bare?
N.B. student calls oldest spruce tree discovery 'magical'
Last Updated Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:47:23 EDT
CBC News
A third-year university student has found the world's oldest-known red spruce tree – and he's not telling where it is.
Mount Allison student Ben Phillips found the tree while walking along the Bay of Fundy coast last summer. He took a core sample, and then counted all 445 rings under a high-powered microscope. His research team estimates the tree took root in 1560.

A close-up view of the world's oldest documented red spruce tree rings.
Phillips describes his latest discovery as magical. "The tree itself just has this glow about it. You can tell it's significant when you approach it."
The tree is so old; it predates European colonization in North America. It's at least 445 years old and the oldest documented red spruce tree on the planet.
Most red spruce trees have a lifespan of about 400 years. A 405-year-old tree in New Hampshire held the previous record.
Climate record
Phillips said the record-holding tree is small, only approximately 30 centimeters in diameter, and scraggly looking.
He's keeping its location secret because he's worried gawkier might trample on its roots, or someone might cut it down. He said it's healthy and could live many more years.
"The last time I was in there I kind of apologized to the tree for taking the core, and just told it how important I think it is," said Phillips. "I don't want other people to go in there and trample it down. The human impact that it's escaped is the reason why it's still there."
Phillips is studying endocrinology, or tree-ring analysis.

Ben Phillips takes a core sample.
His supervisor, Colin Laroque, said this discovery will open a world of knowledge for many in the scientific community because tree rings hold valuable information about climate patterns.
"We were hoping that Ben's searching might produce a tree up to 300 years old, which would have been impressive enough, but we never dreamed he'd find a 400-plus-year-old tree. This is a truly spectacular find," said Laroque.
"Ben has delivered to us a single, unbroken record of growth conditions in the region, a record that all other data can now be checked against."
Phillips received a grant from the Royal Canadian Geographic Society to look at how weather changes affect trees in the lowland-fog forest of the Fundy Basin, compared to those growing above the fog zone in the Caledonia Highlands.
He is using samples from red spruce trees to figure out what the weather was like at both lower and upper-elevation locations during the last few hundred years.
Thought for the day. My grandpa use to say son, your only as old as you feel, so quit acting like you’re a hundred years old!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Good morning every one, I dreamed I went out and baught a new bike and car yesterday!

Japanese motorcycle giant Yamaha unveils the concept model of a high-performance hybrid motorcycle, the 'Gen-Ryu,' equipped with a 600cc engine and electric motor hybrid system which can achieve over 1,000cc class machine

Toyota Motor Corp. employee shows off its new fuel cell hybrid vehicle Fine-X during a press preview for Tokyo Motor Show in Makuhari, east of Tokyo October 19, 2005. The gull-shaped concept vehicle, with four independently steered

Big weekend here at home, Bama is playing Tennesse today! Always a good game! Tonight LSU plays our southern team War Eagle! If you like football today is your day.

Tiger, Tiger, may miss the cut, he has to burdie the last two holes! Don't think so!!!

Thought for the day even the best can sinck below the rest! Berma shave!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Joe is radioactive. Wear protective clothing at all times.


Good morning everyone, OUR HEY RIDE

Thought for the day, your never to old to have fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good morning every one. Happy hump day! Today is our monthly seniors lunch at church and my friend Paul is going to give hey rides! LOL! He is giving hey rides for our pre school and kindergarten children this morning and said he will give the seniors a ride after lunch.
Image hosted by

I have never been on a hey ride. I remember the kids use to go on them in Chicago. They would bundle up and never complained about being cold. Now all the farms around where I use to live are all gone and huge warehouses are in their place. The old saying the only constant is change!

I built a new gate yesterday out back. Simple job but took all afternoon! LOL! Well it seamed like all afternoon. I started about 1:00pm and got through just in time to pick Megan up at 4:00pm. The old gate had a wooden frame and just rotted out. I had some 2” plumbing pipe (plastic). I thought this would be light and long lasting. It is much heavier than I thought it would be but should last a long time. The dogs didn’t seam to care one way or another! How ever Buddy crescent it right away. He lifted his leg on it and soaked it good!
Image hosted by

Thought for the day, some times I feel like Buddy, if you can’t do anything about it pee on it!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Good morning every one, not much going on. I did play golf with the guys yesterday and won far a rare change. I just made fewer mistakes than they did. LOL! We did get out an pick up our Halloween costumes. I hope you like them.

Image hosted by

Thought for the day, worm days and cool nights, were made for the changing season, so enjoy it while you can!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Good morning every one, Rise and shine this may be the best do of your life and you don't want to be late! Today is but a spring board to humped which propels us to the weekend! This should put a smile on our face unless you work retail and have to work weekends! I think every one should have to work weekends just to be Moore patient with those that do have to work them.

This weekend was sort of a blur to me I got the car washed and played nine holes of golf with Chad. He beet my pants off! LOL! He was hitting the ball well. I was not!

I'm posting this new government proposal far Wanda who has been in the dumps as of late. I hope this will cheer her up a little bit.

Image hosted by
Official Announcement

The government today announced that it is changing its emblem from an Eagle to a CONDOM because it more accurately reflects the government's political stance. A condom allows for inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually being screwed.

Damn, it just doesn't get more accurate than that!

Thought for the day, stress is created by thinking of things we don't want to think about. Today I will not think!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Good morning every one, well the elusive weekend is here! I hope you have big planes if not little ones are ok too. Yesterday I was sore all over from my workout routine but still went in and worked out. I want to keep three days a week if I can. Seems like there is always something too pull you away from your plans.

I meet Ed at church yesterday and we got ever thing cut. I was back home by 1:00pm. Our back needed cutting so I went out too cut and thought I would be through in time to catch golf at 2:00pm but by the time I got back in it was 3:30pm. Man time fly’s when your having fun! LOL!

I called our Toro lawn mower dealer and they told me they would let me have a demo to try at the lake. So I called BIL to try to get it worked out for him to be there. He he houd around and finally decided next Sat. It will not surprise me if this falls through. He would make an excellent politician; he never does what he says he will do!

Thought for the day, “strangers are just family you have yet to come to know”! Mitch Albom.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Good morning every one, for those of you who said BIL had not cut grass ... Your right! I did what I said I cut the front and put the tractor up for the winter! Either he cuts the lake side or it won't get cut! No more games with this guy. Course he will probably do as he has done in the past, hire someone to do it. If he does, he can hire some one to cut the whole place!

I put in my six hours cutting and then took Megan and her girl friend swimming at the sports center. I worked out while they went swimming. This is my first work out in a couple of years. I am so out of shape, I started out light weight and will add as the weeks go by. I like their treed mill. It's computer controlled, you sat your weight and age and it works you a program. Pretty neat. I walked for half an hour and five minute cool down. Burned 185 calories and eat a bowl of ice cream when I got home to off set all that work! LOL! That's got to stop!

I didn't sleep well last night, Megan's darn cat decided to pester the dogs last night! She and I will have a talk today about her cat! I never wanted another cat this is Megan and her nana! You put the darn cat out and she will tear the screens out to get back in! She is all cat, sleeps all day and is up all night! Gee sounds like the kids! LOL!

Thought for the day, rant and rave all you like. The CAT is still lord of the house!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Happy hump day every one! This week is ticking on by fast. This is fall brake in our area so Megan is at home all week. We should have gone to Chicago but no planes were made. I suppose in part because our daughter is coming down to Tennessee for this week.

From the end of Oct. on you have no idea about the weather. I sure don’t want to get into another snowstorm. JOJO came by last night to get her coupon from me for their motel. Her printer went out. Brand new Epson! She has never used it but her daughter had been using it? I am not going to comment on that! Anyway the motel had buy one night get one free with on line coupon! Not a bad deal at all.

I had told my daughter in Chicago that Jo looked badly due to her health and loosing so much wait. Well she turned around and told Jo I said that and she was up set. I told her she does look bad like she is sixty years old, her hair all frizzled out and skin and bones! She went through the roof! LOL! Then she agreed she was too then! Her job is running her health but she is making good money and don’t want to quit. I treed to tell her what good was it if she was sick all the time and looked like she was half dead! Some day I am going to learn to keep my mouth shut. LOL!

Any way, the pic. is of my new computer friend, Sandra. She is suppose to keep all the bugs out of my puter! Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Today is grass-cutting day at the Lake. I am only cutting the front and around the house. BIL will cut the rest or it want get cut!

Thought for the day, am I my brother’s keeper? With all the disasters around the world I feel so helpless!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to our love ones across the line! Happy Columbus Day to all who have off, state side! My BIL has off, he is a supervisor with the post office. I bet he doesn’t cut grass today at the lake! We didn’t get over to the lake this weekend. My wife had three of her student received into the Church yesterday and a reception afterwards. So she was dead tired when she got back to the house.

Sat. Scott and I ran across a good movie on HBO “ The Last Dogman” It was a great movie we both enjoyed it. If you see it on don’t pass it up! When Scott is around on the weekends I have to bounce back and forth to watch golf. Neither of my pick won this week. I was pulling far Biffle at Kansas City race way because that’s whom Dawn’s Roy likes. He came in second. I was pulling far an upset in golf and Big John missed a two-foot put! I really believe Tiger would have been happy with John winning! John just can’t seem to hold his concentration!

My grand daughter sent us some pics. From her VC. Here, back in the summer. One was of me, and Ginger. I look like I am at least a hundred years old! I have not been able to shake how bad I looked. I remember seeing the changes in my family coming home on VC every year. We never went anywhere else. We could not afford to. That’s one thing I regret not being able to take the kids to different places. I was just reading where a little girl was taken to Disney land, and how much it cost. I would have to take out a homeowner’s loan to do that! I suppose I am just too tight! But come on three to five thousand at Disney Land! NO THANK YOY PLEASE! I guess what ever floats you boat! I just can’t see it!

Thought for the day, I have never thought of how the young see me until I saw for my self!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hey everyone, my wife had some film developed and I thought I would share some of them with you on this cool Sat. morning. LOL!

Watching Tiger Woods miss another faiway! Genger, Dolly, and Trexie

L to R Joleans son Chad, My wife, Linda's son Jerry, not short me!

Me and Megan

This was our visit to chicago "our Chicago great-grand-sons!

Thought for the day, I hope every one got to sleep in this morning!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Hey every one, it’s a little cool this morning. Rain last night on and off all night! I have been going through the house closing windows. Burr… I don’t think I’m ready to jump into winter!

I went in and cleaned up the brush I had stacked up at church. Did a little trimming around my wife’s office and the parish hall. I wound up spending the morning there. My friend and golf buddy was there also. We had a good talk about death and dieing. One of our groups, Charley, died a few years back and we talk of him often. He worked at the church every day. You can’t do anything without thinking of him.

The rose garden looks good! I found the water on and off valve. I don’t think watering now would do much good! I also cleared out the dead flowers out of the v-garden in back. It still doesn’t look too bad!

Tuesday when I was working on the Rose garden the middle school had their pet walk and blessing of the animals. Here is a couple of the pic. I took of the occasion.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Thought for the day, no mater what you do it touches someone else. We are all connected, part of the human condition

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good morning everyone, I spent most of the day at the lake yesterday waiting for the repairman from Sears to come. They came about 2:00pm and were done by 2:30pm. Replaced both mower deck mandrel and blades. One did the work the other watched! The one watching said he just drove the repair truck and did the paper work. Some how this seamed like such a waste of man power!

While waiting for the repair men I started reading First five people in heaven by Mich Albom. It is a delightful little book! I highly recommend it to you, enjoyable reading.

My BIL stopped by before I left and we agreed to cut one more time using the craftsmen mower. This should be the end of the cutting season at the lake. This winter we will try to get the best deal on a new mower. We want to at least cut the time in half told him I thought we could do better than that but it's going to coast more than the family wants to pay!

Thought for the day, how do you judge your day? By things you got done or the dreams of tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Good morning everyone, hump day! I hope all have had a good week so far. I took the plunge yesterday and have pictures of the Rose Garden! It was a mess not many have survived the neglect. Now that I have it cleaned out (I have to hall of the weeds and branches) my wife told me last night it is on the chopping block!

When they build the new church, the Rose garden will be part of the new parking lot! My fate, I just waited too late! She doesn’t want me to spend any more time on it. Rather work on the ‘V’ garden in the back parking lot. I have done a little to this one but it needs a lot more work. I thought I posted a pic. of this one. I will see if I can find it and post both today.

Working in the Rose garden was not bad. In fact I enjoyed it. There was a cool breeze and a bird sang to me the whole time I was working. You can’t ask for a better morning than that! The last Rose bush I cleared had one beautiful flower! Almost like saying thank you for cleaning us up!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Thought for the day, if a Rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, can the thoughts of man ever be complete?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good Monday. I played golf and it was rather worm. They said our high was 87 but it felt more like 97!

We had a friend join us for nine holes. He’s 86 and doing great for his age! He just bought himself a new seat of Adams irons. Talking of positive thinking! I would love to think I have twenty-five more years to challenge this game!

I got a pick. Of the tool I was telling you about. I have no earthly idea what this is. May be Nana25 can shad some light on it? I have never seen anything like it! I also got a pick. Of a new Mascot for the golf room! He is pretty sharp but the hearts on his pants makes him a February guy!
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

The boys and alley cat spent the night with us last night. The dogs were on guard all night! LOL!
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Thought for the day, the secret to a conversation with the opposite sex is often keeping you mouth shut!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I wrote this early this morning and bloger was down so I forgot to post it! LOL!!!!

Hey every one, what a weekend sports wise for us this week end! Alabama bet the pants off Florida and Auburn had a blow out with the gamecocks! Bama looked the best I have seen in a long time.

Not much going on it seems like everything we touch gets worse! Working on the lawn mower resulted in a service call for a Tec. To come out and repair what ever it is wrong with the deck burning belts.

The bathroom sink stopped up so old plumber Joe to the rescue! Ha! Sink runs free, only one problem it now leaks! Scott said well it only leaks when you use it! I want a good Sunday so I will delay this project for a day during the week!

Hope every one has a great day!

Thought for the day my grandpa use to say son, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today unless you hear no complaints!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Good morning everyone sure felt good to get back to doing something yesterday. We got all the propriety cut in five hours. Not bad considering it used to take days to get the job done. We don’t have to cut the football, baseball or soccer fields. This alone cuts a lot of time for us. The schools athletic boosters take care of the fields. We just cut around them, which is job enough. I saw an aerial view of our church propriety somewhere? I will see if I can find it and post it so you have an idea just how big of a job it is.

The rose garden is still calling me! I looked at it again yesterday. It looks pathetic! I have had several tell me it needs to be plowed over. I forgot to take the camera again for picks. I have never fooled with roses. What is left looks dead! It is a big garden and for some reason I am hesitant to get involved with it. I suppose it is because we have two abandon gardens that some one started then moved away or just stopped taking care of them.

I have meet a lady from Arizona on line who has two large gardens at home, sure wish she were here to advise me. Believe me or not I no a Horticulturist with the university that goes to our church! You would think he would love to take on this job.

Thought for the day, Scott and I are going to get our tractor going today, pray I don’t break his neck!