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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving to our love ones across the line! Happy Columbus Day to all who have off, state side! My BIL has off, he is a supervisor with the post office. I bet he doesn’t cut grass today at the lake! We didn’t get over to the lake this weekend. My wife had three of her student received into the Church yesterday and a reception afterwards. So she was dead tired when she got back to the house.

Sat. Scott and I ran across a good movie on HBO “ The Last Dogman” It was a great movie we both enjoyed it. If you see it on don’t pass it up! When Scott is around on the weekends I have to bounce back and forth to watch golf. Neither of my pick won this week. I was pulling far Biffle at Kansas City race way because that’s whom Dawn’s Roy likes. He came in second. I was pulling far an upset in golf and Big John missed a two-foot put! I really believe Tiger would have been happy with John winning! John just can’t seem to hold his concentration!

My grand daughter sent us some pics. From her VC. Here, back in the summer. One was of me, and Ginger. I look like I am at least a hundred years old! I have not been able to shake how bad I looked. I remember seeing the changes in my family coming home on VC every year. We never went anywhere else. We could not afford to. That’s one thing I regret not being able to take the kids to different places. I was just reading where a little girl was taken to Disney land, and how much it cost. I would have to take out a homeowner’s loan to do that! I suppose I am just too tight! But come on three to five thousand at Disney Land! NO THANK YOY PLEASE! I guess what ever floats you boat! I just can’t see it!

Thought for the day, I have never thought of how the young see me until I saw for my self!


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