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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hey everyone, I have little to talk about today. IU did get cleaned up shaved for the first time since the ivy got on my face. It was a slow go but got it done.

I went in to Sears to get parts for the mower deck and spent an hour and a half! Why engineers have so many different parts on a simple mower deck is beyond me! I have to remove a guard bracket to get to the mandrel that has to be replaced and the darn screws are special. Every deck I looked at Sears had a different size screw! There is no logical reason for this!

Shelly is keeping the great-grand kids at their place this week while Tina is working. We sure miss those kids not being around, although I have fits when their here. I started to leave yesterday and backed over a tricycle! I knew they were in the house but didn’t see the bike!

Thought for the day, “if there is any larceny in a man, golf will bring it out.” Paul Gallico.


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