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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hey everyone, I had to brake down and go to the doctor over this darn poison ivy! I am one big itch! LOL. I called Paul and he is the same way. We are two dumb f..cks! I can’t believe that neither of us saw any ivy! My doc said man you’re a mess! Yea, I feel as bad as I look too!

We have about a hundred yards of red tops to cut and only cut about twenty. As screwed up as we are the bushes will be on hold for a while!

The talk of the town is the desperate housewife’s show. I hope every one liked it those girls are a mess. Tomorrow night is Boston public it looks like it will be another hit season too. I don’t watch much TV but I do like these two and dancing with the stars.

I thought I was loosing a little weight but at the docs office I weighed 218 again! Woo is me! I want to get back fewer than 200! I am to the point all I have to do is think about food and gain a pound!

Thought for the day, what do sex, food, and small children have in common? They all give me fits!


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