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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The rash can affect any part of the body. Commonly affected areas are the hands, forearms and face. The oil begins to penetrate within minutes of touching the skin. Within 12 - 48 hours, a rash appears as a line. Redness and swelling are followed by blisters and severe itching; within a few days the blisters become crusted, puss-filled and scaly. The rash will heal in about ten days.
Poison Ivy
A climbing vine with three serrated-edge, pointed leaves that grows in the East, Midwest and South.
In the northern and western states, poison ivy grows as a non-climbing shrub.
"Leaves of three... let them be."
Good morning every one, I told Paul to be careful and we both get it all over. I am a mess! I got it on arms, face, neck front and back! I had trouble sleeping from the itching! What a lovely ten days this will be!

Just think we have just started cutting the red tops! LOL! Well Paul my grandson Chad and I were going to play golf today but rain! I have been up science four and it has been study down fall!

Thought for the day, I have scratched so much my dog’s think I have fleas!


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