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Friday, September 16, 2005

(I tried to Up load this morning no luck)
Good morning all, well Sears called me and made an appointment for Thursday the 29th.! By then the grass will bee nee deep! I hate to say it but I told every one the mower deck was about to come unglued.

Paul and I bout done our self's in cutting the bushes from hell! I cut both sides and he did half the top. It got so hot we were exhausted. I tried my best to finish the job but couldn't find the energy to do it. We meet again this morning to finish cutting and pick every thing up. The picks. speak for them self's. This is a job I wouldn't wish on any one!

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Here is the sign for no parking that was beside the thorn bushes! At the end of the bushes there is a stop sign and no parking sign that also has been hit and the bushes are holding it up! This drive way goes back to our pre school and parish hall we call it the Talladega speed way entrance ramp! On school days you take your life in your own hands on this drive way!

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This is the red tops that have to be trimmed back. We start this job a week from this Saturday.

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Our church scheduled to be torn down spring of 06. I still think it is a bad decision but hey, I only work and worship here!

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Thought for the day, "We are His children. When we gather in His name this gives us strength!" Mother Teresa.


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