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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Happy hump day every one! Some how I made it through the day yesterday. I over slept and didn't get down to the church till 3:00am. We did get one row of the (bush from Hell cut) Paul said they were called lemon trees. You talk about thorns, they have them! Some where over three inches long. I have no idea how many I got stuck in my hands and two in my foot. They are terrible. Why any one would want to plant these is beyond me. We have one more row to trim, and I told him I would help him on Thursday.

After I finished at the church, I cut grass at the lake. Got 75% through with the front and a bearing went out in the mower deck. So right now I am down, no grass cutting till something is repaired! I called Sears and the mower in still under warranty I don't no how long it will take to get it fixed! Meanwhile back at the ranch! I have a little vacation from the lake!

I blew my stack at Megan yesterday! I picked her up at the bus stop and she opened the car door and throw her book bag in the car ripping the ash tray right out of the dash!
I admit it! I lost my cool! It was an accident, I no that but tell my temper that! I was tired and took it out on her. There was no excuse for me flying of the handle!

Today I will take it out on that little white ball! I have been trying to hit 25 balls a day with my 8 iron. Not doing to bad, hitting stright and a good distance. I will see if it helped any today at the course.

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, a young growing mind wounds easily, patients is required!


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