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Monday, September 12, 2005

What gas shortage!

Good morning everyone! I read somewhere that it was raining in Canada, send some south! We sure need some, it is so dry and dusty, I feel like we're in the desert! LOL!

No work yesterday, I watched a little of the LPGA golf tournament, then loaded up four of the dogs Megan, Allison and two of Meg. friends heading for the lake! I hit a few golf balls along the lake front and that was the hardest thing I did all day. Oh yea I did give the dogs a bath. That went over big! Shelley's dog was so mad at me she got in the car and wouldn't come out till we got back home.
You might ask where are the pictures I took> Hum..... would you believe I forgot the camera! Dang, it would be nice to keep a camera at the lake! I would probably bring it home then! My wife brought the twins down and gave them water guns to play with. Every one got wet wither you wanted to are not! They had a ball shooting everyone and running! they are a mess!

My wife was so happy she shad a few tears, saying who would have thought we would be sitting around the lake playing all afternoon with our great-grad kids! I must admit it felt pretty good.

This morning I am going down to our perish and trim some much needed bushes, and just general pick up. Tomorrow I will head for the lake to start cutting grass. My BIL has all four of the gas cans, he must be collecting them! LOL! I think I have an extra one around the house some where. I will use it and take it with me when I'm through.

Thought for the day, someone said your only as old as you believe you are, hum... twenty-five was a good year!


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