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Friday, September 02, 2005

Good morning every one, another week in the archives! We are starting to experience temperature swings. Highs in the low to mid 90s and lows in the mid 60s. Yesterday I never turned the AC on. I only had one complaint. Buddy would go out and come in to stand on the AC vent! He had that look of ' give me a break' on his face!
Last of the summer holidays! I hope all have planes far family get to gather's and cook outs. With the price of gas going out of sight, many will be sticking close to home. We plane on gathering at the lake on Sunday and leftovers there on Monday. I will try to get grass cut while I'm there. My wife is starting to get up set about me spending so much time there, when I have more than enough to do at home!

Today is Tina's first day at the River Stop. She had to go in at 5:30am. I thought she wanted to walk to work and I was going to go with her but she got in her car and drove up! It's only about a half-mile from our house.

Has every one experienced the gas rush? Man the price changes every couple of hours around here. Taking Megan to school I saw 2.59 going and 2.69 coming back. In the afternoon it was 2.89 reg. and 3.09 sup. Every one is filling up afraid there will be a gas shortage. This causes a shortage! Many stations were out of regular and didn't no when they would get more! Yea sure! Talk about taking advantage of people! You have little choice if you want to live. Far most it's to far to walk anywhere. What ever happened to those neighborhood stores? Ours is now a beer joint!

Quote of the day from our B'ham. city council president, " don't ask who is going to pay for helping all those on welfare coming into the state from New Orleans and Miss. less just help these people!" Cold hard fact is this sane person has been saying there is no money for these programs the people want! What's the old saying 'cut of you noise to spite your face'! My heart goes out to all these people but some one will have to pay! No mater if it's a church, county or city someone will have to pay.

Thought for the day, "we knew this flood would happen when was the unknown"!


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