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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good morning everyone, the news coming out of the golf coast is bleak. So much devastation and loss of life's! My story is very dim in comparison. We had the most damage in the twenty-seven years we have lived on Boyd creek!
Our damage was from the high wind from Katrina. My wife's car took a blow from a falling limb. Busting the wind shield and damaging the top. The power went off and we were with out power for almost twenty-four hours. Lost everything in the refrigerator, it was loaded because of our guest staying with us.

We had a limb hit the north end of the house which is the carport! Boom you could hear its heavy blow! I don't no if we have damage or not we haven't seen any leaks. About eleven o'clock we heard another loud crash from the south end of the house! Trying to see through the driving rain we could see a tree had fallen on that end of the house. We checked for water leaks and didn't see any, so there was nothing we could do until morning!

Hear are a few picks, I took at day light. The photos came out dark so I retouched them. Not to good but you can see the mess I had!

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

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We are just thankful that it was not worse! We will have to foot the bill on the car but the house is covered as for as we can tell from our ins. School is still closed Megan is ready to scream, from the little ones cramping her style! We have had trees down everywhere like all who was in Katrina's path! This storm will be felt for month's to come!

Thought for the day, "we all need time for silence, to reflect and pray." Mother Teresa.


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