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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Good morning everyone! Have you been listening to all the talk about the automotive industry and all the proposal to off set the growing price of fuel.
It's a classical joke! There is no way soon the special interest groups are going to let anyone seriously hamper our energy consumption. There is so much money in oil not millions but trillions!

There are those that manufacture automobiles see a chance to double their profits by building smaller cars and charging the SUV price! Case at point the mini Copper and the Scion. If you get a chance look at the price on what the kids of this generation are getting as toys!

Yesterday the voice of Uncle Sam was heard! You buy what ever you want small or large we are making the manufactures have a minimum gas mileage of 21.2 mpg! This will save billions over the next five years! Ha, Outlaw the Suv and save billions this year!
We are part of a world society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Those that have, could care less if the gas price hits eight dollars a gallon. The only one it will hurt are those that are struggling to live day to day!

Our government is a huge part of this consciences! It has not been long that incentives were given to buy these guzzling monsters that our young ladies some how feel safe in? Could it be the tax money on gasoline? Hey the more these guzzlers consume the more tax dollars!
$$$ makes the world go round make no mistake about it! Fuel economy has been around for thirty years are more. Less face it there is no money in ECONOMY!

Thought for the day, Pat Robison made the comment that we have the means to take out a threat to our country. LOL, Pat there is no profit in that!


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