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Friday, August 12, 2005

Hey every one, I have a few minutes before I have to pick up Megan. I checked mileage this morning 31 miles round trip! With the price of gas still going up my sons Harley is looking more tempting! She had a frustrating day yesterday. They kept changing their schedule. As it turned out she is happy! She now has one class with her friend Nick.

I don't no if any of you are keeping up with the Players Championship. A tree limb on the fourth green just broke a fell on a PGA official! They carried him off on a cart but said the energy was not serious! DAU! A tree limb fell on him! Tiger is having a time of it! As bad as he is playing he did manage to smile. He is now just fighting to make the cut!

Yesterday I read buying and selling on e-bay what a tutorial they have. As of yet I am not verified lol! I talked to my wife about some checking account numbers three times. I still didn't get the numbers! All I have heard is sell on e-bay it doesn't cost anything! Wrong, if you pass gas while on their sight you will be billed! ;-)

Thought for the day, “A country’s best and most important asset is not its weapons, wealth or power but the conscience of its people.” Farrukh Hasan


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