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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Good morning every one, we made it through another Monday. I spent most of the day making back up tapes on my OS. I have now all my programs, pictures, and windows on back up disc. I had no idea it would take that long to do it. My oldest daughters gave me the Roxio program that makes CDs, DVDs, music, and a photo program. LOL, I now have five photo programs. and use Kodak and Pisca most of the time. Picture it I have never used and Yahoo I have not used in a long time. Now if I can just figure out how to use this stuff! I have six programs my youngest daughter gave me from her computer class that I have not learned! Where do you find time to do all this. I stay so busy there's not much time to learn something new. Like Flash, Dream weaver, illustrator, and photo shop. I would love to learn all these, maybe I will live long enough to get into them. That word time just keeps popping up! How about you guys, do you find time to get into new programs?

I called our golf course maintained supervisor yesterday about grass mowers. He laughed and said the cheapest mower he had was over twenty-five thousand. After I picked myself up of the floor, I said, say what! He gave me a good lead on a commercial mower made in Wisconsin. Scag turf masters. Wow they have some monsters about three thousand cheaper than what I have been looking at. My bil wants to go with a diesel and I thank it is a waste of money. We can get a water cooled mower for thirty-five hundred less! I don't no which is best? I am just tired of looking. I got a feeling we will not do any thing until the spring of 06!

I called a couple of places that fil bought coins from over the years and they are out of business! LOL, this has turned into a project! I ran across a letter from a guy who sent him a rare coin, a picture of the secret heart of Christ and a little stone called the black star of India. The letter stated this was a money talisman only partially charged. He was suppose to send the guy twenty-five dollars for the rest of the blessing. This was suppose to bring him untold riches! I have never heard of such a thing! The letter stated that he would have untold misfortune if he didn't follow through with this transaction! Has anyone heard of this before.

Well I am rambling, didn't cut grass just too wet! Today I want to try to get at least half through. Tonight is open house at Megan's new school she is so excited. I prey she does well in middle school. She has always been a honor roll student! This year will be a great change for her and the boys are coming out of the wood work calling her!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, watch for the day that you have to invite the young men over too meet old Thunder throat. You will be amazed at how the calls will slow down!


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