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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Last post until we get back from Illinois. My Chicago grand daughter wants a southern home cooked meal today before we take her to meet her husband. What a menu!
Baby butter beans cooked in ham
Fried Okra with hot peppers
Fried potatoes with Cajon sausage
Philippine corn bread
Green onions and tomatoes
Cucumber and onions in cream souse
Bell pepper and onion Meat Loaf
Lemon cake with icing
Blue Bell Banana split Ice-cream

I have to drive 450 miles tomorrow! I hope it cools off so I can crack the windows! LOL! All the kids will be here tonight for supper. Should be fun if we can keep the little ones from fighting.

I am going to leave it up to you guys to keep up with golf while I am gone. Women's British Open, Senior US Open and The Bell South Classic! I no you can handle it for me!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son never travel far on a full stomach. You never no when nature will call!


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