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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Good morning all, hard to believe it's Thursday! My granddaughter and her three were down to her mom and made the day 9/6 long day. The twins are a mess, into every thing. My daughter goes back to her doc. today. I hope they get her on track. I think she did sleep last night. After a day with the kids you need to rest! LOL!
MIL had her pacemaker installed but is still not coherent. She has no idea of what is going on. Without the help with her heart she wouldn't survive! All her vital sings are good. They feel she may be in ICU shock! Now looks like a waiting game. Will she come out of it or not! Course the whole family are on edge. Not something to go through however they have no choice!

My wife came in late last night. She was wiped out. Will make an appearance at work and head back to the hospital. She said their want be much of a forth of July this year! I told her we would survive for her to do what she feels she must do! Her and her mom were very close. This is very hard on her but I believe she has accepted the fact, she may not come out of this.

A little good news my new med. is working on my tremors! Side effect is not to good I feel num in my head. My coordination is not to good. However I'm not taking what I suppose to. I cut in in half. I have got to go in for blood work and I will tell the doc. while I am there.

Thought for the day, hot and hummed today. I think I will hang around and watch the electric meter dance around $$$$$!


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