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Monday, June 13, 2005

Hi every one, time has gotten away from me today. No rain so I got the grass cut it needed it bad. If I had to wait until this weekend I would need a bush hog! I saw on the news the mid west is getting pounded now! I got a feeling this will be a strange weather year. It hit 90* here today. Tomorrow it will be wormer but we are playing golf. First time in two weeks, I hope I haven't forgotten how to act! LOL!

M is having her best friend over far a couple of days. I told her that I never did things like that when I was her age. She looked at me like are you serious! I don't think boys get into things like that or maybe they do, I didn't!

I spent most of my time at the YMCA. Playing pool and ping pong. Our rule was, you could play until you lost then you would wait your turn or do something else. I got to be pretty good at both games. Some times I would go for hours with out loosing. The kids would get so mad at me.
The other thing I did a lot of was swim. Some times from the time they opened the pool till it closed. I would be so hungry when I got home I eat what ever I could find. In those days left over were rare. I don't remember ever going to bed hungry though. I was usually to busy to eat, always on the go.

Thought for the day, I just read an article on voice recognition. It was dictated and wrote with Naturally speaking! We doggie!


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