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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good morning every one, this weekend is going by too fast! We had rain last night, first in over a week. course I washed the car when I came in from the lake . Guarantee it will rain! I got around to see a few of you last night and hope to see the rest of you this morning. I am starting to spend more and more time away fro the putter. I suppose it is just that time of the year. I am behind with my back forty work. should have that last section cleared by now. I sort of stopped when the poison ivy came out. That stuff eats me up!

I want to tell you of a testimony I heard yesterday. Our next door neighbor at the farm, has cancer and has had part of a lung taken out. He also has had a staff infection. He has really been down and out. I don't no him that well. I speak when I see him or his wife.
Cutting grass close to the lake and his property, he waved for me to come over too his boat dock. I did and showed me a fish they have stocked in the lake for elegy. It is a Ashen fish somewhat like our carp. They get four to five feet long and can weigh up to one hundred and fifty pounds. Any way the fish about four ponder was dead and he found it in the dam spillway next to his house . he was very concerned of its death. hopping the water in the lake is ok!

I can see this is going to be longer than I intended sorry!

Any way He looks good but still has cancer. He related to me his bout with his health and how sitting in the bathroom he asked God to just get him back up and moving. to shorten the story, he was down and out his health issues were dragging him to his grave.

The next day he started trying to walk wit a walker in the house then out side the house and today he is taking care of his yard and his mother whose health is bad. He started back to church, got his mom to go to church for the first time in sixty years. He now has his daughter, granddaughter and great-grand son going to church with him. You should see the proud look on his face. Faith was his motivation! He has turned his life over to a much better Doctor and works hard in his yard every day. His place is beautiful!

Thought for the day, faith can work wonders, I am sitting here talking to you Wow!


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