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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Good morning all, short update to let you know what is going on on the home front. I brought home my daughter yesterday late afternoon. I still believe something is wrong she can't be still. She is like a cat on a hot tin roof! Sleep very little last night up and down all night. The med. she had trouble with was seriaquil I don't think I will ever find out what put her over the deep end. She goes back to her doctor Friday.

MIL will have surgery today at 11:00am to implant the pace maker. I question this, because she still doesn't know what is going on! My wife hasn't been home since Sunday afternoon. I no by now she is worn out. Their hoping they will put her in a privet room this afternoon. This will make it a little easer for them staying with her.

I did get out and play golf yesterday! Less just say I got out my golf sucked! The only thing I did right was show up! It's a good thing I am not trying to make a living playing golf. I would starve to death! LOL! I love the game, at my age improving a whole lot want be easy!

Thought for the day, every day is a new adventure, I open my heart for the journey!


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