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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Grass cutting was short yesterday! I did get the front cut before the moor deck belt broke. Now both tractors are down. It's too hot to cut grass anyway lol! The lake side will have to be cut with the bush hog and that means bil. when he can get by! The big tractor I don't even no how to start. Every thing on it has bin jury rigged and he's the only one that can drive the monster!
Well I will have to find something else to play with until we leave Friday morning! Any of you guys need a over weight old man for a couple of days? LOL! I am sure my wife has a honey do list waiting.

I wanted to get my car serviced at the Chevy dealer and couldn't get any one in service to answer the phone. After the third try I took the car to Quick oil change. I like to do this myself but my wife throws a fit every time I even think about it. One of our friends was killed working under his car, it fell on him! Since then she has been paranoid. I just hate to pay double for something I can do myself.

Well enough rambling, every one have a great hump day!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, when all the equipment is broken down stay away from the house!


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