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Friday, July 01, 2005

Well another week has flown by. I hope every one has a great holiday here and Canada. holidays mean fun and a chance to change pace of life far a lot of the working class. I ask that all of you think of the service personal and retailers who will not enjoy a long week end.
Who are these people? They are our cousins, aunts, uncles students and friends. The have not of our cityite. They fix our cars, cut our hair, serve us food and take care of us when we are ill. They put out our fires, protect us from harm and transport us across the world
When we get upset at them for not doing as we feel they should, do we think of what kind of a day there having? They are serving you not your servant! Oh how many times I have wanted to shove a hamburger in some irate customer face who got the wrong order. It was a mistake man! Have you never made a mistake. Does it make you feel good to embarrass a student who may have no choice in being there in the first place!

I personally believe every one in the world should be required to work in the service industry far a period of time to learn just how difficult it is to please someone. Some you can't please regardless! Every one needs to feel how bad it hurts to be humiliated by a customer.

Thought for the day, "The customer is always right"! I bet the person who coined this was never verbally cut to pieces by a customer. When you own the place it's easy to tell your employees this. I agree there is always a exception to the rule.


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