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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Good morning every one. Hump day is upon us, my how time does fly! I hope ever one is having a good week. I am back to cutting grass at the lake. I almost finished yesterday but my back started hurting and I gave it up. Couple of hours this morning and it will be done. We are getting just enough Rain to make the grass grow like crazy.

We got one mower up and the other has a broken spindle bearing. Had to order the parts no one had them. While I was gone my bill had his wife's niece and boy friend cut grass and they have the mower deck messed up. I was cutting behind the house and the deck caught a stump and almost through me for a flip. It hit so hard it made the engine hood fly open. My back still doesn't feel well this morning.

I drove a new Great Dane zero turn mower at my friends house in Tenn. 25 hp. Man that thing will cut some grass. I have been combing the net looking at different models and have convinced the family to buy one of these for the lake. Expensive but should cut the cutting time in half. I have looked at a dozen different models and never knew they made so many.

I took Megan and her best friend with me. They swam while I cut grass. Megan did a number on the back of my car. She sat the ice cooler on the trunk and moved it around cleaning it. Every time she moved it, it scratched the paint. What a mess, I was in a bad mood all after noon. I know she did not mean to do it. But that didn't make me feel any better. The twins have done a number on the bottom all away around with their riding toys! Now she has done the top! My wife said their just children! Dou! Who is telling them no!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, children will be children that's why the word NO was invented!


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