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Monday, August 01, 2005

Good morning every one. We came back in yesterday about lunch time and spent the afternoon over at the lake. The trip was fun and not to bad of a drive. We meet Allen in Metropolis Friday at lunch and took the kids to McDonalds where they had a blast playing on the inside gem set. It was huge! They played for about an hour long enough to ware us out! LOL!

From there we drove back down to Pudica Kentucky. There they were having their summer fest on the old water front down town. We walked around enjoying the old buildings and the several hundred Harleys that were in town. I have never seen so many women driving Harleys. I fell in love about half a dozen times. ;-)! My wife said I haven't seen you smile that much in a long time.

From there we drove down to McLean, Tenn. and meet up with old friend from Chicago that we have known for thirty years. Other than we are all older they had not changed. We had a great visit with them. They live way back in the country. Twenty acres on a mountain side. Quite, I could hear myself think! Now that's scary! That are about a four hour drive from us and we hope to get back up that way more often. All expressway driving looping around Nashville, not a bad drive at all.

I tried to get around last night to most of you, needless to say I have missed the heck out of all of you. I have a few pics. that I have to resize that I will post soon for you! Mean while I am playing golf today and hope all have a good week.

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, old friends are a treat to the soul and put a big smile in your heart!


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