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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Can you hear me now! Has the whole world gone bunkers over the cell phone? What happened to I want a doll are a GI Joe? Now it's but dad, the new black razor is only $199.95! Alright , if you insist I will start with the $79.95 model unlimited calling picture phone! $49.95 is cheap every one else has $55.95 a month and still can't talk to every one! Duh!

How will we make it through school this year. All my friends got almost $500.00 in school supplies and clothes! You can get the new HP Pavilion for under $ 2000.00! They even let you make payments like you do with my braces. Oh yea I want to get green set this time. My friends glow in the dark!
Can you believe they took out the soda and snack machines! What are we suppose to eat? You want me to eat that slop in the cafeteria? Our dog would not eat that stuff!

I will have to start taking vitamins for school. Can you believe they expect us to walk almost a hundred yards to some classes! You can't take your motor bike! I don't no why they can't make the halls bigger so we could ride a Kubota mule from each class!

You need to come at least an hour early to pick me up 95* out isn't that bad to sit in the car and wait. All my friends parents are there earlier than that. I don't belive you won't me to wait for you! Every one will laugh at me!
Good old school days!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, make sure all your chores are done before you meet your friends walking to school. Better take a jacket that five mile walk today to school will be chilly!


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