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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Good morning every one, we got over the hump! We're on the down hill run for those still labor slaves. Slaves I suppose we're all slaves in one way or another. Some to work, others to medicine and drug/alcohol abuse. Many are prisoners of their on mind, afraid to do anything out side their norm.
Like speaking in public or before a small group. Getting a tooth pulled or a shot! Afraid of heights or falling. Afraid of being laughed at or criticized. All this is normal to a degree.

Then there is the other side of human nature. Not afraid of anything. Cut some ones through in the blink of an eye! Lie, cheat, rape, and child abuse are but another day in the life of the deranged. These are the most dangerous of all. You may believe in your heart their your friend when all along they are true Jackal and Hide. Their you neighbor, friend, preacher and yes even lover.

I know your wondering where all this is leading too. I guess I question our inability to say what we mean and mean what we say. What does it mean when we say I love you but I am not in love with you? I wont you but I still love my wife? Touch me that I may remember you embrace, although I belong to another. I recently read in a blog, " what difference does it make if I had sex with some one else. I came home to you didn't I"! Duh!

I am thinking too much this morning. I finished cutting grass at the lake and took the girls swimming. Today my BIL, is getting out the boat for the girls last day at the lake before school starts next week. I believe it is a Master Craft ski boat. It has a big 351 ford engine. Runs fast on the water. The kids like to be pulled on a big tube. I hope they have fun. I will try to get some pics. I also wont to get micro shots of the coins I wont to put on e-bay! I have so much I will try to sell from the estate. coins, electronic equipment, old radios and tubes. All I need is a 48 hr day instead of 24! LOL!

Thought for the day, grandpa use to say son, fear is useless, all that is required is faith!


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