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Friday, August 05, 2005

Good morning everyone, bil. didn't show up until we were getting ready to leave from the lake. How ever my nephew who is thirteen came over and kept the girls company. I think the girls are ready to go back to school after swimming every day this week LOL! Megan said I don't wont to go to the lake tomorrow.

We thought Megan starts back to school Monday and found out when we picked up her schedule she will not start till Thursday the eleventh! I don't no how they come up with these school schedules. Her new school is so big and they build the darn thing out in the middle of no where. I will have about an extra six or seven miles to take her to school!

I started going through some of the coins that no one knew about trying to get organized for my e-bay attempt. FIL. has a weird collection of coins and I am having trouble researching them for price estimates. Nigh teen Bobby Alison, National Championships coins. All the coins I looked at but two where one ounce .999 pure silver. Two where gold commemorative coins worth $165.50 each ten years ago. I found a letter and authenticity slips for these two coins. Twenty silver bars engraved with Happy Birth Day, Valentines Day and Happy Anniversary. Twenty Haley Commit coins! These where tucked away in a lather bag stored in the living room center table! Well this is my start I have a lot to go through. He was a collector for the last thirty years. A lot of the coins are in plaques hanging on the wall! I have a job cut out for me. We're hopping to sell enough to buy that new lawn tractor. Some where out there some one would love to have this entire collection!

Thought for the day, some times you can't see the trees for the forest. That's how I felt sitting in the middle of all these coins! What's the old saying 'water, water every where and not a drop to drink'!


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