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Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday, Monday! Where did the weekend go? I feel like nothing was accomplished but I did burn all my pics.on my hard drive. Took fifty-six pics. of coins half no good! I have got to research how to make micro shots for e-bay. Most of my coin pics. had a flash blur so bad you can't tell what they are. Hum... more research!

I have gathered all the information I can on the law tractors. Today I want to contact some golf courses about their equipment. Right now I'm leaning toward a 28hp Diesel Kubota with a 60" cut. This is one heavy machine! Seven gauge through out, water cooled, hydraulic deck, shaft driven.

We have had a rain storm every afternoon now for a week. I am about to get behind on my grass cutting. Today I am going to see if I can cut but it is so wet, the small mower may not handle it.

We found another box of coins yesterday! Ten years ago cost on these were over six hundred dollars! It looks like this is going to turn in to a much bigger project that I thought!

Megan has been shopping all weekend for school! They wore me about just talking about all the places they have been! LOL!
Last but not least, Peter Jennings died at the age of 67 to lung cancer! My prayers go out to his family and co-workers at ABC! He was a giant among news anchors. I have watched him for many years. Rest in peace my friend!

Thought for the day, "Every thing is God's to give and to take away, so share what you've been given, and that includes yourself."! Mother Teresa


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