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Monday, August 15, 2005

The heart of T-Town!

Good morning every one, (sigh) another weekend gone and I sit here scratching my head! Where the heck did it go too! If your like me you had things you wanted to get done. Unlike me I hope you were able to do it! I have been so bust with getting the e-bay auction started and researching a tractor for the Lake that I have forgotten to take my morning meds for the last two days! My wife gave me heck last night for spending too much time on the computer! I knew I had missed meds yesterday but not Saturday too!

Sleep is still an issue I just wake up after about five hours! The dogs love it, they get to go out early. LOL! I suppose by now every one has heard the PGA was delayed due to lighting! Tiger is out but still believes he did well! With his money I think I would fell that way too. Play resumes today at 9:00am on CBS. It will be a battle of nerves, hitting fairways and getting close for good putting! I am still pulling for lefty! Although I get mad at his putting!

I have a Doctors appt. today and we are going to go around and round over my meds! I have been sick for two months, since my last visit. I am to the point I am ready to change doc. He just doesn't listen! He has so many patients, I feel like I am a number instead of some one needing help!

Ok, ok, I am getting of my soap box, have a great week and make someone smile today! I hope this will publish. I have tried for two days to get my Ill. Friday to publish. I have no idea what's wrong?

Thought for the day, at what point does courage become useless?


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