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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hey every one, I think I have created a monster! I got my friend started on yahoo IM, and now when I start my putter I get yahoo front page. It takes me forever to read all the headlines. Don't you just love it! I am always complaining about something!
yesterday was one of those what if days1 Best part I had a long phone conversation with Dawn! She is so neat, trying to help me get these darn coins on e-bay. That tractor I want to buy looks a long way off at the rate I am going! LOL!

My doc. visit was a productive one! He actually took the time to talk to me! I had just had a heated discussion with my wife and I shared this with him! He took me off my antidepressant cold turkey! LOL! All in all he cut out all my meds except my Two for the big 'A'! He also can't belive how well I am doing! Galee he made me feel almost human!

Megan got grounded on the phone far telling a white lie! she told grandma she didn't have home work and she did! Neither were happy campers yesterday! Megan was too busy with her friends this weekend! I hope this will be the end of her pulling that! She has always been an honor roll student!

Today is golf for me (yes) I so need to get out! Have a good day everyone!
Thought for the day, If at first you don' succeed, think smarter not work harder!


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