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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Good morning every one, did hump day goby quick or what? What's the saying 'time flies when your having fun!' That's one of our sayings on the golf course are we having fun yet!

I got the front side of the lake cut today I will get the lake side. Yesterday started out not to good. I got to the lake and checked the mower for oil and gas. Needed gas. I went to get the gas can and it was gone1 Full tank of gas, I suppose my bil. must have taken it. I went and got gas and saw the rear tires were low one almost flat! I said a few nice thing at this point like #@^*! After I started cutting I thought what a day and Who am I to mess it up! LOL!

I have seen so many new tech jumps and I forget to tell you about them. If you read the BBC go and look at the article on SILENT AIRPLANE! It is amazing! What I did want to point out is the new German break through in computer soft ware. They have developed a program that will make a picture of a person that does not exist! That is the picture enclosed. Just think of it, they can now make something out of nothing!

Thought for the day, use to be if you saw someone talking to them self's you gave them a strange look. Today you figure they are talking to some one on their ear phone!


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