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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Good morning everyone, man is it hot! The humidity is smothering. Playing golf yesterday was a true act of humility. I lost at least two balls on each of the first five holes! We played the Capstone Club this week. Tuff course for a good golfer let alone a old hacker like me.

The course was designed for the U.ofA. golf team and they did play there the first year it opened. However the city decided it was more rewarding for them to have there on course so they not only build a new one they even put in a practice facility second to none.

Any way it was so hot yesterday I could hardly breath! No breeze at all just hot, hot. I made it through 14 holes and then had to start picking up. On the 15th par three, I started seeing black spots in front of my eyes and got real dizzy! Ay this point I told my buddies I was going to just ride the last two holes! After I got home and had a shower I still felt woozy.

Today is grass cutting day at the lake. I plane on getting a early start and quit by lunch to get out of the heat! The grass is not growing as fast now, thank goodness! Speaking of grass at the club I saw some ground cover they had planted around the building and really like it. Lantana, these were red and bright really stood out I may try to find this plat and put it in front of the house!

Thought for the day, The old saying "I can't do the things I use to do" is not just a saying it is true!


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